Stop killing grouse in Scotland

This July 2016 video from Britain says about itself:

The Real Price of Grouse: An Introduction to Driven Grouse Shooting

Sign the petition to ban driven grouse shooting.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain, 13 August 2020:

Grouse shooting season must be the last in Scotland

THE driven grouse-shooting season which began yesterday must be the last in Scotland, the Scottish Greens have said.

The Victorian blood sport was the subject of a two-year review, but the recommendations appear to have been “watered down,” the party said.

Scottish Greens rural economy spokesperson John Finnie said: “Up to a fifth of Scotland is given up to this cruel hobby practised by a very small group of people.

“It tears up and burns our land, it kills all kinds of wildlife, yet the Werrity review couldn’t even recommend licensing.

“What’s worse, the Scottish government has dragged its heels since. It hasn’t responded to the review, and it hasn’t prevented the mass killing of mountain hares [for sport] either, despite Parliament and public calling for the species to be protected.”

Scotland’s land needs to be “freed up” for the economic and social benefit of all of its people, Mr Finnie said, and used in ways that contribute to a thriving rural economy and natural environment.

“It’s time for the Scottish government to get off the fence, come into the 21st century and end this cruel practice,” he added.

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