Dutch Feyenoord footballer has COVID-19 infection

This 24 March 2020 video from the USA says about itself:

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the Ithaca College women’s soccer team stayed connected by passing the ball around the country – from New York to California.

Dutch NOS radio reports today that, after a player in Rotterdam Premier League football club Feyenoord had turned out to have COVID-19 infection, today a second Feyenoord player turned out to be infected.

Yesterday, he had played in the Feyenoord-Sparta training match.

Mystery Blogger Award, thank you Laleh Chini!

Mystery Blogger Award

My dearest blogging friend Laleh Chini, of the blog A Voice from Iran, has nominated Dear Kitty. Some blog for the Mystery Blogger Award.

Thank you so much for this kind gesture!

Laleh’s questions to nominees, and my answers, are:

Which country and place do you belong to?

I belong, in principle, to the whole world. At the moment, summer heat at my place.

Would you like to go invisible or read others’ minds?

It would maybe be useful to go, invisible, into the White House and prevent Donald Trump from making bad decisions, by mysteriously removing papers etc.

Describe your blogs shortly?

I have only Dear Kitty. Some blog. More about it is here.

What would you prefer-tea or coffee?

Fruit juice.

Phobia for any object or situation that disturbs you very much.


My questions for my nominees are the same as Laleh’s.

My nominees are:

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Saudi crown prince accused of murder attempt

This 10 August 2020 video says about itself:

Saad al-Jabri case: US court issues a subpoena against Saudi crown prince

A US court has issued a subpoena against the Saudi crown prince in relation to former Saudi intelligence agent Saad al-Jabri.

The court order also covers a number of other people and entities, including residents of the US.

Saad al-Jabri filed a lawsuit accusing Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman of sending a hit squad to kill him two years ago.

He lives in Canada, reportedly under increased protection by police and private security guards.

Bruce Fein is a former US Associate Deputy Attorney General, and he joins us live from Washington DC through Skype to discuss the latest news.

Black-headed gulls don’t like flamingo

This July 2020 video is about a greater flamingo near the east coast of Texel island in the Netherlands.

Black-headed gulls don’t like the flamingo near their nesting colony and attack it.

Avocets are also in the background of the video.

Luc Middendorp made this video.

Racism, anti-racism update worldwide

This 9 August 2020 video from California in the USA says about itself:

Free Them All NOW! Care Not Cages! SF March & Rally In Against ICE & Republicrats

A march and rally was held on 8/8.20 to the San Francisco ICE office to demand the immediate release of the thousands of children still held and to protest the missing 1,800. Also, doctors talked about how the children and their families were being contaminated with Covid-19 in these cages and this would permanently scar their lives.

Many of the speakers also attacked the Democratic Party and Democrat Gavin Newsom In California for continuing the support for the caging of children and supporting private prisons in California. Speakers criticized Obama, Pelosi in San Francisco and other Democrats for failing to act for immigrants when the Democrats controlled the majority of the Congress and the White House. The Democrats continue to fund ICE, the militarization of the police and the repressive apparatus now being used by Trump and his supporters.

Toronto Polish-language newspaper blames Jews for pandemic.

USA: Should Billy Graham — evangelist with an anti-Semitism scandal — get a statue in the Capitol?

Why is Serbia the only Terezin Treaty signer that’s doing right by Holocaust survivors?

Trump’s pick for German ambassador called Muslim refugees ‘invaders’.

USA: The shocking health care racism endangering Black mothers.

Anti-homophobia demonstrations in Poland

This 8 July 2020 video is called ‘We are the most homophobic country in the EU’: Poland’s election and the LGBT fightback.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain, 9 August 2020:

‘You will not lock all of us up,’ LGBT rights protesters warn in wave of Polish protest

PROTESTS against homophobia took place in Warsaw, Krakow, Lublin, Wroclaw and other Polish cities on the first weekend since right-wing President Andrzej Duda was sworn in for a second term.

“You will not lock all of us up!” demonstrators chanted at the thousands-strong Warsaw rally, part of an intensifying standoff between the country’s LGBT movement and the government.

Mr Duda has called the LGBT movement the vehicle for “an ideology … even more destructive” than communism and ran on a pledge to “defend children” from it.