COVID-19 disaster, worldwide

This 17 July 2020 video is called Philippines surge: Restrictions reimposed in Manila.

Brazil surpasses two million coronavirus cases as reopening drive continues. By Tomas Castanheira, 18 July 2020. “We cannot continue suffocating the economy,” President Jair Bolsonaro said, as Brazil suffered the highest single day death toll in the world: here.

US hits record 74,987 new daily COVID-19 cases. By Benjamin Mateus, 18 July 2020. The number of daily new cases in the United States has tripled from a month ago amid a massive resurgence of the pandemic.

Hawaii officials push unsafe reopening of schools despite outcry by educators and parents. By Renae Cassimeda and Liz Laliberte, 18 July 2020. The reopening of the schools, along with the lifting of travel restrictions in Hawaii, will greatly exacerbate the spread of the virus throughout the islands.

Johnson’s return-to-work speech: UK ruling class opts for mass murder. By Laura Tiernan, 18 July 2020. Johnson’s homicidal plans to end home working and lift public transportation restrictions reveal a financial oligarchy hell-bent on driving millions back to work no matter what the cost in human life.

COVID-19 spread accelerates across Europe as EU summit opens. By Alex Lantier and Johannes Stern, 18 July 2020.

Australian medical experts call for workplace and school shutdowns as Victoria’s COVID-19 surge escalates. By Oscar Grenfell, 18 July 2020. Despite the highest spike in Australian coronavirus infections since the pandemic began, the Victorian Labor government has implemented a “lockdown” that leaves schools and most workplaces open.

Australia: Hundreds of health workers in Victoria contract COVID-19. By Clare Bruderlin, 18 July 2020 A national survey of 500 healthcare workers found that half were experiencing PPE shortages and some were having to source their own supplies.

From the World Socialist Web Site, 18 July 2020:

Chemical Warehouse distribution workers refuse to enter Melbourne facility because of COVID-19 infections

Chemist Warehouse Distribution Centre workers in Somerton, Melbourne refused to enter the premises on July 10 after learning that a colleague had tested positive to COVID-19. According to the United Workers Union (UWU) the infected worker and five others have gone into isolation, despite the possibility that up to 100 staff who worked the same shift could have come in contact with the confirmed case.

While Chemist Warehouse management has demanded work should continue as normal, workers insisted that the facility must be closed for cleaning. Management has also declared that employees who refuse to work use their own entitlements, forcing casual employees and others with limited entitlements to choose between financially supporting their family or putting their health at risk.

The union has demanded that all workers at the site be placed on pandemic leave until they have been able to obtain a negative COVID test and that the facility be closed for 72 hours to allow for a deep clean. Although the issue is a workplace occupational health and safety concern the union has not called any industrial action despite complaining that the company has provided little details of the thoroughness of the cleaning process.

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