San Francisco, USA, 1934 bloodbath commemorated

This 5 July 2020 video from the USA says about itself:

The ILWU, other unions, community activists and supporters commemorated the “Bloody Thursday” when 2 strike supporters were murdered by the San Francisco police in 1934. It led to the San Francisco general strike.

The commemoration also discussed the recent racist attacks on longshore workers at the SSA terminal in Oakland where this commemoration took place.

Speakers including Trent Willis, president of ILWU Local 10 also talked about the need to fight privatization of the Port of Oakland by billionaire John Fisher who owns the GAP and the A’s. He is pushing to privatize the Howard Terminal to build a stadium, 3,000 one-million-dollar condos and a hotel.

This would destroy thousands of maritime jobs according to the ILWU. Trent Willis also supported the formation of a labor party that would represent working people. The Democratic Party officials have voted to support Fisher’s stadium development including Ron Banta, Nancy Skinner, Oakland mayor Libby Schaaf and the Oakland City council which voted to open up negotiations to sell off the Coliseum to Fisher for his development plans.

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