COVID-19 disaster in the Americas

This 6 July 2020 video is called COVID-19 surges in Colombia, doctors fear deaths underreported.

The US COVID-19 toll to hit 3 million cases as Texas health system nears collapse. By Benjamin Mateus, 6 July 2020. The number of COVID-19 cases will reach 3 million today, and the pandemic surge is straining health systems across the south and southwest.

Over 700 Joliet, Illinois nurses go on strike for better wages and safe working conditions. By Benjamin Mateus and Kate Randall, 6 July 2020. Strikes of healthcare workers are part of a growing global response of workers across industries to the dangers posed by governments’ back-to-work drive.

US labor secretary says “reopening” will proceed in face of surging pandemic. By Kevin Reed, 6 July 2020. Labor Secretary Eugene Scalia declared that “Our workplaces can be very safe places to be,” even as hospitalizations broke records in states across the country.

Over 300 children catch COVID-19 in Texas daycares. By Nick Barrickman, 6 July 2020. The number of COVID-19 cases among children and staff members has skyrocketed since the state began reopening facilities in May.

New Jersey growers refuse to test migrant farm workers for COVID-19. By Erik Schreiber, 6 July 2020. The decision not to test these laborers, many of whom have traveled from states with rising rates of infection, creates the conditions for a public health disaster.

Brazil’s coronavirus cases top 1.5 million amid record unemployment. By Tomas Castanheira, 6 July 2020.

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