COVID-19 update

This 5 July 2020 video from the USA says about itself:

COVID-19 has definitely thrown us a curveball’ — Firefighters are being forced to reassess how to battle wildfires in the Western U.S. amid a drastic spike in coronavirus cases.

In US news and current events today, firefighters across the Western US are fighting a battle on two fronts: Working to suppress the rash of wildfires spinning out of control in the West, while also battling a spike of COVID-19 cases in the same area. The COVID 19 pandemic has also made life difficult for firefighters battling 2020 wildfires. Between the wildfires 2020 and the COVID19 pandemic, these firefighters can’t seem to catch a break, but as California wildfires continue to grow out of control, we must remember that they are a direct result of the global climate crisis, and as global climate change continues unabated, we will see far worse consequences than wildfires and COVID combined.

BROADWAY STAR NICK CORDERO DIES AT AGE 41 Broadway actor Nick Cordero has died from coronavirus complications after a battle with the virus that lasted more than 90 days and included an amputated leg and weeks in a medically induced coma. He was 41 years old. Cordero, who was nominated for a Tony Award in 2014 for his performance in “Bullets Over Broadway,” died on Sunday morning, his wife Amanda Kloots wrote on Instagram. He was hospitalized for months at the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, where he was performing in “Rock of Ages” before falling ill in March. [HuffPost]

California man died from coronavirus a day after posting regret for attending party.

SCIENTISTS DECRY TRUMP’S CLAIM THAT HE SAVED 2 MILLION LIVES Trump has boasted repeatedly that he saved 2.2 million lives from COVID-19, using a figure in a British modeling study to support his claim. That’s not true, the lead author of that report — epidemiologist Neil Ferguson — told HuffPost, adding that the number of American lives ultimately lost to the disease will depend on what states do from here on out. “Epidemics are not like hurricanes — you don’t hunker down for a few days (or for epidemics, weeks) and then they’re gone,” Ferguson said. [HuffPost]

FDA CHIEF REFUSES TO ADDRESS TRUMP’S COVID LIE The head of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration repeatedly refused to comment on President Donald Trump’s false claim that 99% of coronavirus cases in the U.S. “are totally harmless”, despite data showing that the majority of people infected with the virus show symptoms of COVID-19. Dr. Stephen Hahn — the commissioner of food and drugs who is also a member of the White House coronavirus task force — was asked about Trump’s latest claim in two separate interviews Sunday but refused to address it when asked. [HuffPost]

MAYORS DECRY TRUMP ADMINISTRATION’S COVID-19 RESPONSE Trump, who last week said he thinks the virus will “just disappear,” has repeatedly undermined his own health officials fighting the virus. Until this month, he rejected the use of masks; in May, his administration shelved a report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention advising states how to reopen safely; and in June, he told attendees at a rally that he asked officials in his administration to “slow the testing down.” Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego told ABC on Sunday that her city, which is averaging the country’s highest number of new coronavirus cases per capita, is receiving no help from the Federal Emergency Management Agency, even after asking for assistance. [HuffPost]

A stunning breakdown of the government’s duty to keep Americans safe.

The fullest look yet at the racial inequality of the coronavirus.

The 17-member family that lived together, ate together and got coronavirus together.

‘TOO SOON’ TO SAY IF IT’S SAFE TO HOLD RNC IN FLORIDA With record numbers of people testing positive for the virus in Jacksonville and across Florida, Stephen Hahn, the FDA commissioner, was asked if it would be safe to hold the typically large RNC gathering in just seven weeks. “I think it’s too early to tell,” Hahn said. The Republican Party moved most of the convention activities to Jacksonville from Charlotte after a battle over coronavirus safety concerns with North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper, a Democrat. [HuffPost]

Hilary Duff calls out no mask-wearing Karens with a side of Kanye West shade.

Black-tailed godwits and their young in England

This 1 July 2020 video from England says about itself:

How do godwits rear their chicks? Godwit-cam highlights | WWT

Black-tailed godwits are beautiful wading birds. but they are now Red Listed in the UK (BoCC4), which is why they’re one of the wetland species we’re helping in the wild. We also have a small population in captivity and, in spring 2020, we placed a nest cam near two of our breeding birds to capture all the action as they hatched and reared their chicks. Senior Conservation Breeding Officer, Tanya Grigg, explains what happens at each stage of the parent and chick journey.

Managing these birds in captivity helps us develop some of the techniques we use to boost productivity (breeding success) in the wild. As part of Project Godwit, we are using a range of methods to help black-tailed godwits that breed at the Nene and Ouse Washes in East Anglia, including headstarting. Headstarting involves protecting chicks until they are capable of flight and are much less vulnerable to predators and flooding. We released 112 fledglings at the Nene and Ouse Washes from 2017-2019 and the wild breeding population has grown in size. Unfortunately, we had to cancel our plans for 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

COVID-19 disaster in the Americas

This 6 July 2020 video is called COVID-19 surges in Colombia, doctors fear deaths underreported.

The US COVID-19 toll to hit 3 million cases as Texas health system nears collapse. By Benjamin Mateus, 6 July 2020. The number of COVID-19 cases will reach 3 million today, and the pandemic surge is straining health systems across the south and southwest.

Over 700 Joliet, Illinois nurses go on strike for better wages and safe working conditions. By Benjamin Mateus and Kate Randall, 6 July 2020. Strikes of healthcare workers are part of a growing global response of workers across industries to the dangers posed by governments’ back-to-work drive.

US labor secretary says “reopening” will proceed in face of surging pandemic. By Kevin Reed, 6 July 2020. Labor Secretary Eugene Scalia declared that “Our workplaces can be very safe places to be,” even as hospitalizations broke records in states across the country.

Over 300 children catch COVID-19 in Texas daycares. By Nick Barrickman, 6 July 2020. The number of COVID-19 cases among children and staff members has skyrocketed since the state began reopening facilities in May.

New Jersey growers refuse to test migrant farm workers for COVID-19. By Erik Schreiber, 6 July 2020. The decision not to test these laborers, many of whom have traveled from states with rising rates of infection, creates the conditions for a public health disaster.

Brazil’s coronavirus cases top 1.5 million amid record unemployment. By Tomas Castanheira, 6 July 2020.

Cheap’n’Nasty, Dutch punk rock EP

This music video is the full 1981 Covergirl EP by Dutch first wave punk rock band Cheap’n’Nasty.

Recorded in a studio in Dordrecht for the band’s own Smashstick Plastics Records label.

Four songs: 1. Cover Girl 2. Unknown 3. I’m a Photomodel 4. No More Violence (On TV)

The lyrics, by bass player/singer Terry, mention thoughts about suicide, and criticize the fashion industry, the tourist industry, and media censorship.

YouTube commenter Tanja Brouwer commented:

Nice music! Love the drummer

The question is: which drummer? On three of the EP’s songs, Maarten played the drums. On No More Violence, Ria.

UPDATE: Tanja meant me, Maarten says 🙂

With the Cheap’n’Nasty EP came a booklet with drawings and lyrics of the four songs, all by bass player/vocalist Terry.

The lyrics of the title track, Cover Girl, are:

She is a girl walking about to be seen
No place on earth where she hasn’t been
But fashion people are so sickening
She’s only considered a dumb thing


Now she wants a change in her situation
But rather a change without complication

She is a girl walking about to be seen
She’s been frontpage on every magazine
She’s always been used and pushed about
So now she just wants to scream and shout


She’s always been a push-about
Too dumb too talk, but too proud to shout
Now fashion world is making her sick
All these guys they are so thick.


This music video is the song I’m a Photomodel from that EP. As remastered in 2016.

This music video is the song Cover Girl from that EP. As remastered in 2016.

The name of the band had nothing to do with the later, 1988, song “Cheap an’ Nasty” by Whitesnake.

Also nothing to do with the British Cheap’N’Nasty band, founded in 1990. Featuring Alvin Gibbs, ex-UK Subs, on guitar.

Also nothing to do with the later West Australian band Cheap’n’Nasty.

In Finland, they wrote this on the EP:

CHEAP `N ` NASTY covergirl EP Smashstick Plastics 1981 smaspla 1 ex/ex+ booklet,1000 made HOL BTF#6 killer punk gem 90.00

San Francisco, USA, 1934 bloodbath commemorated

This 5 July 2020 video from the USA says about itself:

The ILWU, other unions, community activists and supporters commemorated the “Bloody Thursday” when 2 strike supporters were murdered by the San Francisco police in 1934. It led to the San Francisco general strike.

The commemoration also discussed the recent racist attacks on longshore workers at the SSA terminal in Oakland where this commemoration took place.

Speakers including Trent Willis, president of ILWU Local 10 also talked about the need to fight privatization of the Port of Oakland by billionaire John Fisher who owns the GAP and the A’s. He is pushing to privatize the Howard Terminal to build a stadium, 3,000 one-million-dollar condos and a hotel.

This would destroy thousands of maritime jobs according to the ILWU. Trent Willis also supported the formation of a labor party that would represent working people. The Democratic Party officials have voted to support Fisher’s stadium development including Ron Banta, Nancy Skinner, Oakland mayor Libby Schaaf and the Oakland City council which voted to open up negotiations to sell off the Coliseum to Fisher for his development plans.