Pro-Big Business ‘centrism’ isn’t real centrism

This 19 September 2019 video from the USA says about itself:

Journalist Krystal Ball joins the show to talk about why centrism sucks, responding to Bill Maher’s Klobuchar for president suggestion, her time at MSNBC, and more.

From Our Revolution, the organisation of Senator Bernie Sanders in the USA, today:

Tell the media to stop using the word “centrist” to make pro-corporate policies seem more popular than they are!

One of the most toxic elements of our current media culture is the persistent misuse of the word “centrist” to refer to candidates who support unpopular pro-corporate policies.

Last year, New York Magazine published an article that used public opinion data to prove that what the media calls “centrism” is actually extreme, unpopular, and far from the “center” of public opinion.

But the media continues to actively misleading voters by referring to pro-corporate candidates and policies as “centrist.” With hatred and authoritarianism on the rise, voters deserve accurate information from the media.

Add your name here to demand that the media stop referring to pro-corporate candidates and positions as centrist!

The media needs to do better.

Their job is to inform voters so that we can make informed decisions about which candidate represents us.

Their misuse of the word centrist to refer to pro-corporate candidates like Joe Biden is intentionally misleading, and is designed to trick the audience into thinking that Biden‘s policies are more popular than they actually are.

Tell the media to focus on informing voters and stop intentionally misusing the word “centrist” to trick voters into accepting unpopular pro-corporate policies.


The whole team at Our Revolution

3 thoughts on “Pro-Big Business ‘centrism’ isn’t real centrism

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