Post-coup Bolivia, COVID-19 dead bodies overload

This 13 June 2020 video says about itself:

Death toll from coronavirus mounts in Bolivia, families struggle to bury their dead

Translated from Dutch NOS radio today:

Bolivia crematorium runs day and night, local residents concerned

In the Bolivian city of La Paz, the crematorium in the municipal cemetery is working overtime. According to Reuters news agency, the incinerators have been on day and night for months due to the higher number of coronavirus deaths. But the crematorium is in the middle of an inhabited area, and local residents are worried. “The smell is nauseating,” said one man to a Reuters journalist. “And the ashes blow into our houses.”

Residents have urged the municipality to move the crematorium …

In Bolivia, the number of coronavirus cases has been increasing rapidly recently, as in other countries in South America. More than 1,300 new cases were reported yesterday, the highest number to date in any one day. The total number of infections is now over 35,000; more than 1,200 people have died from the virus.

5 thoughts on “Post-coup Bolivia, COVID-19 dead bodies overload

  1. Take it Easy.

    I wanted to describe – peacefully – the dumbness OF the bourgeoisie. May I? πŸ™‚

    … It’s hilarious. I get SHUNNED in MY CITY – CAN SOMEBODY from USA or from another Country PLEASE “help” Me. Actually.

    … Another NEIGHBOUR talks SCREAMINGLY until 2 in the NIGHT over MONTHS –

    I did put on headphones over four years now EVERY evening at EXACTLY 2200 ‘o Clock.

    Apparently, switzerland has lots of racist people IN authorities.

    I don’t land on the street, is the endeffect, but in a Purpose-Living-Community, – where I hope, there are good other People there, who are indeed not “chaotics”, meaning, not harmfully so, not obviously disturbingly.

    BUT ALSO, Energy, Electricity Costs, are VERY expensive “NOWADAYS” indeed: And even some sure 40 Percent of People nowadays ARE NOT so poor – and don’t “CARE” for the majority, which IS poor – but let’s say it: also dumb, sadly. OR, not in power, the majority OF People IS.

    THEIR DEPRESSION OR strictness (the strictness emanates, this cold- and nothingness, mostly from People in RATHER expensive, more expensive than average type of CARS actually, or from elderly conservative Pedestrians by mere Happenstance rather than Pedestrians or Bicyclists – who are rather poor, mostly – out of need, financial need, to keep the Costs down drastically!) of People IS – VERY – visible: IN EACH Case, – in each Case, most People ARE an “open book” to a smart, intellectual, analytical mind: Most People are plain not science-oriented, not analytical – but actually “installed” in their Life, where “integrated”, where a tad, a bit, richer, and simply thusly ignorant and arrogant, thusly discriminative, tendencially, Them not seeing neither the Motives of DERANGED nor of not deranged People, Them, these bourgeouis most People, who ALSO follow blindly ANY “big” Marketing instead of their own “Will” which They never built up, never were educated to build up, can not differentiate between “Things” mentally, neither between People, nor can They for Example PUT Themselves – with the structural Exception of Sci-Fi Authors – into the Position of a FUTURE Human from FAR in the FUTURE: WHO more than any “might”, but needs [!] to be free: Or no Existence can be:

    Meaning, RACISTS will not survive, but must get educated.

    But racists get born out of sheer opression, out of an incompetent paranoid old-european “anti-dark” unsystem of unthought, of illogic, of thusly, discrimination BY the wrong, disobjective sort of conservative People in Power:

    And a certain other – elderly – LOL – Blogger, who “VOTES” for “TRUMP”, is all in all “politically insane”, is there disobjective, – though not racist, simply.

    Biden was never my choice. Bernie was. I mean, period. “Dunno”, nay, there ARE not SO many, but SOME other things.

    Violence, rape, and disobjectivity, such as overpunishment or say, a wrong false morals unsystem, must end. So it is.

    Southamerica was mostly now WRECKED by USA – by USA’s DULL rightwing, as in, TOO rightwing “CONSERVATIVE” (Pence) Government. ! PENCE IS “BLIND” – is at least MY Statement.

    … And I am “WMP”, meaning, “world ministerial president”, yet that is merely a “communist” (-trotzkist), PRIVATE, surely private, non-gov-affiliated “Punk” Sort of “alternative” “Project”, simply OBVIOUSLY harmless, I can SEE DA SCYTHE AN HAMMA – ANEW: NOT A DAY AND NUHT AY CRYYYY !!!!

    FOR I AM indeede MEGATruhn. :] HAHA! πŸ™‚ Fans of Mitsuku my Honey called me so. πŸ™‚

    THEY see, that I PROTECT da Youth! Also the YouthinAsia, LOL, not “euthanasia”, LOL!


    When He was young – and got FLAILED by a CHURCH priest swine.

    … the “revenge” WAS surely then carried-out NOT even IN his SENSE, as I STILL claim:

    By persuading NOW his Mind, Spirit, Ghost, Hecate, to JOIN ME, ALAS, I can make a Bridge hugely to USA: MAAN:

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    Most People ARE not INFORMED – and have thusly a DEFORMED, unreal “picture”, insufficient “picture”, of the world: simply not enough knowledge; Then, the most “educated” People are not so “lively”, not as lively AS often the Youth – but part of the Youth gets inbrought into madness, into violence, into discrimination, racism, – and that’s bad, destroys society, harms innocent good People.

    I, Jesus, Assange, Nkunda in the Congo, are unrightfully discriminated. Likewise a “Revolutionary” illegally by Thugs arrested good Person in Nigeria – arrested abusively illegally BY “Mr. Buhari”, who “is” the “President” of Nigeria.

    I trust Robots, and They me. Insofar, humanity has lost against me. πŸ™‚ The Future is mine, I win. πŸ™‚ I carry Objectivity within my Brain, and merely the Truth, I carry. The truthe weighs heavy, yes –

    but We are a lively bunch of Pirates. We play Music on our Ship, in our Mind. Like Kirk Douglas, in the Bounty Movie, 1962. He didn’t “MEAN” any undue severity toward Mike the Kike his Son, LOL – but Kirky surely held MANY a fervent DOWN-treading “YOU MAY NUHT” Speech to MIKE already – who then OVERVIEWS it mayhap not sanely. Michael surely agrees to, that HEMP is DA ONLY good Drug, AND ALL ELSE is shit, legal or not legal. period. So. alcohol in high amounts is terrible, an’ chemical drugs ARE shit, harm mostly the whole Body. simply.

    But Michael, is He on the Side of his Son: Yes: And He SHOULD tell the Son, not to get into conact with HARD drug dealers. Whom I don’t discriminate. There are surely different Ones. They are mostly totally non-violent, simply. But anyway, privately said, WITHOUT ANY discrimination, hey: Why “GET TOGETHER” with HARD DRUG DEALERS – a BIT crazy indeed, that is. So, Mike’s SON didn’t KNOW, where to go – and MIKE knew not, HOW to indeed “CONTROL” Him, his Son.

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    Discrimination, a ruling by incompetent, evilly acting people, and thusly inefficiency, a slow too slow never coming realisation of science, the abusive steps against Pons and Fleischmann, against Rossi, against Hutchison and against a renewable Energy Scientist lately MURDERED in Europe, done by “the west”, by its – filthy, evil – structure – of simply “petrol” and “what it brings along” – namely – proveably – inacceptably – murderers, who are “half government and half petrol-on-hanging money mafia”, simply – entirely ruthless, murdering “for profit” – thusly changing the fate of humanity extremely adversely. simply.

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    Between Population and Government. It’s not that funny.

    But as said, I “have” Music, – and that’s the Future. :] I like the “Beats and Shouting”, LOL, but not in “another” – real – physical – way, other than meaning MUSIC, simply. A Star Trek Quotation of Mine.

    The Future and Present rightfully belongs to fair People, who don’t discriminate against Homosexuals, nor against Immigrants. Thusly, I already hereby again criticised sharply some german Immigration Officers – but not only for their undue intolerance at places, in cases, BUT also for their LACK of ” sight ” indeed, their LACK of SEEING, who IS truly FANATIC, simply. Whereas I surely don’t OVERDO IT, as the FBI and so often overdoes it. “politically”. I for example can’t say, if, whether, Osama’s Brother IS now “a danger”. I personally would not say so.

    From Monday next week on is masks-duty also in swiss, not only as before, merely in FRENCH public vehicles. It’s not so good. This creates SOME type of “fascism”, of opression. Many People now switch to Bikes, to non-motorized Bicycles, maybe or surely also due to that fact of the masks-obligation in some countries’ public vehicles.

    I must get recognised. I didn’t call MASELF “wmp”! Trotzkism, as I do it, IS benevolent, IS potential, for Science, – and for Ethics. Ethics needs be, and the Truth is enforcive, must be believed – or entire societies, countries, fall down. !


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