Coronavirus disaster, worldwide news

This 1 July 2020 video from the USA says about itself:

As COVID-19 Spikes, Trump Cuts Funding for Testing Sites, Moves to Dismantle ACA

The U.S. largely wasted time bought by COVID-19 lockdowns. Now what? By Jonathan Lambert, July 1, 2020.

Chile: COVID-19 outbreak in mining regions. By Mauricio Saavedra, 1 July 2020. Three mineworkers have died in the giant state-owned mining corporation Codelco, and some 2,528 are infected, according to the official figures of the Ministry of Mining.

Britain: Lockdown in Leicester amid surge in infections throughout UK. By Robert Stevens, 1 July 2020. Outbreaks at food factories, garment plants and schools attest to the criminality of Johnson government as it ditches a national lockdown.

Amazon workers in Germany strike against lack of coronavirus protection. By Marianne Arens, 30 June 2020. More than 2,000 Amazon workers are taking part in a 48-hour strike at six locations to protest the company’s refusal to provide adequate protection from the virus.

The poor in Germany have a higher risk of falling sick from COVID-19. By Elisabeth Zimmermann, 30 June 2020. The poorest people in Germany, including the long-term unemployed and recipients of Hartz IV social welfare, have an 84 percent higher risk of becoming seriously ill with COVID-19 and requiring hospitalization.

Dutch government exposed by disastrous handling of COVID-19 pandemic. By Harm Zonderland and Parwini Zora, 30 June 2020. When the pandemic hit the Netherlands, the Dutch government adopted a reckless wait-and-see posture, even when it was clear that COVID-19 was potentially fatal.

Pandemic rages across South Asia as total cases near 1 million. By our correspondents, 1 July 2020. The governments of India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh are rushing to “reopen” their economies even as COVID-19 cases and deaths are growing exponentially.

Reopening in the Philippines causes coronavirus surge. By Owen Howell, 30 June 2020. While overseeing a woefully inadequate response to the pandemic, the Duterte administration is expanding police-state measures to suppress mounting discontent.

Australian COVID-19 surge continues in Victoria. By Martin Scott, 30 June 2020. Almost 300 coronavirus cases have been detected in the state over the past seven days.

COVID-19 cases increase across Pacific Island states. By John Braddock, 1 July 2020. The WHO warning underscores that the pandemic continues to escalate in all parts of the world.

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