Greenham Common, from nuclear weapons to wildlife

Peace campaigners protest against nuclear weapons being stored at Greenham Common

By Peter Frost in Britain, 26 June 2020:

From bombs to vipers on Greenham Common

Twenty years ago Greenham Common ceased to be a cold-war bomber base — but it’s now returned to nature. PETER FROST goes snake hunting on the site

NOW, this is an interesting story. If I was a hippie (my wife Ann says “if you were still a hippie”), I might see a strange mystical connection between Greenham Common, once home of deadly nuclear weapons now being one of the best places to see Britain’s only venomous snake — the adder (Vipera berus).

The words Greenham Common hold all kinds of meanings — not least to readers of the Morning Star.

For much of the last half-century, Greenham Common was the home of nuclear weapons on an airbase shared by British and US forces.

This 2018 video is called Adder – the UK’s only VENOMOUS snake.

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