Coronavirus spread by Donald Trump and slaughterhouses

This 24 May 2020 Dutch video is about the COVID-19 outbreak at the Vion corporation slaughterhouse in Groenlo. At least 147 workers there were infected.

Translated from Dutch NOS radio today:

Concerned residents demonstrate at slaughterhouse in Boxtel

Local residents living around the Vion slaughterhouse in Boxtel want the company to close down for the time being. Coronavirus infections [at least 26] have been diagnosed among workers. Residents and organizations will demonstrate at the corporation tomorrow. “We think it is unheard of that meat production is more important than the health of slaughterhouse employees and the inhabitants of Boxtel”, says Mirjam Bemelmans of the action group Close Down Vion. It is not clear yet how many protesters are expected.

Most of the personnel are migrant workers. In addition to the employees, the residents of Boxtel are also at risk, says Bemelmans. They can become infected if, eg, they come into contact with slaughterhouse staff in a supermarket, regional broadcaster Omroep Brabant writes.

The demonstration will be on Friday, at 13-15 o’clock. The organisers write:

We, a coalition of organizations and concerned citizens and residents, believe that Vion should close down immediately to prevent the spread of corona. Vion itself should provide decent and safe housing and care for all employees, and pay and compensate all employees.

Therefore, on the afternoon of Friday, June 26th, we will be at Vion Boxtel entrance to demand that the slaughterhouse closes immediately.

The demonstration has been announced to the municipality. We will, of course, comply with the coronavirus measures.

More info will follow.

The organisers are not only worried about the health of workers and Helmond people, but also about animal welfare.

UPDATE: report of the demonstration. And here.

Also translated from Dutch NOS radio today:

Dozens of U.S. Secret Service members are quarantined after two colleagues have tested positive for the coronavirus. American media report that. The agency wants to neither deny nor confirm the news.

Being secret police …

The two Secret Service officers who tested positive did preparatory work for President Trump’s election meeting in Tulsa last weekend. The rally was controversial, partly due to fears of the virus spreading further. In addition to the two agents, six Trump campaign workers who were involved in the meeting were also infected.

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