Black Lives Matter demonstration in Dutch Emmen

This 21 June 2020 Dutch video shows how hundreds of people participated today in a Black Lives Matter demonstration in Emmen town in Drenthe province; in solidarity against racist police violence in the USA and elsewhere.

‘Tipping point’: Greta Thunberg hails Black Lives Matter protests. People are realising ‘we cannot keep looking away from these things’, says climate activist: here.

1 thought on “Black Lives Matter demonstration in Dutch Emmen

  1. From the USA:

    Over the last couple weeks have seen the rise of a magnificent and historic protest movement against police brutality, the gratuitous assault on the American people under color of law.

    The cold blooded murder of George Floyd is so clear cut you would think there could be no other side. So too, the assault on Martin Gugino, a harmless 75 year old man who was knocked to the ground and got his skull cracked. Oh, but apparently some think there is. The some being the entire tactical unit of 50 plus officers in Buffalo who resigned in protest after two of their own were suspended for doing this.

    So while the rest of the American people protest against murder by cop, the cops themselves protest for the right to murder as they please. It’s a miracle Gugino is still alive. He still cannot even walk again.

    The two thugs in uniform who did this would be better suited to pick a bar fight than to protect and serve their communities. We would call them rogue except for the fact that their brother thugs are standing with them in favor of skull cracking. Oh, yeah, and if any more Gestapo cops want to resign in protest we say good riddance to them too.

    But the most despicable thing about this whole crime is that even as Gugino lay flat on his back on the pavement, with blood visibly and copiously pouring out of him, not one of the dozens of blue meanies there came to his aid, the only one of which who made a motion in that direction being waved off by one of the assaulters himself. Nothing to see here, just more police brutality as usual.

    All this while our liar in chief spreads depraved conspiracy theories about Gugino intentionally taking a dive like he was in the NBA.

    Many years ago, when we first arrived in Los Angeles, by most standards a pretty progressive place as these things go, we quickly found out that “to protect and serve,” the motto emblazoned on the police cruisers really only applied to the wealthy and well connected. Otherwise, it was to harass and persecute. And we’re not even a racial minority.

    The outpouring we are seeing right now, triggered by the Floyd murder initially, and reinforced by publicity of a constant ongoing stream of stories of other criminal cop excesses, is founded on decades and decades of such gross community abuse. This kind of thing happens all the time, has been happening all the time, and when it does the police just lie, and lie, and lie about it, and have mostly gotten away with it in the past.

    Law abiding citizens in America should not have to live in fear of what should be our own police, But most of us do. And yes, it is high time we talk about moving money from over policing into other resources better suited to protecting our communities, defunding the police in relative terms if you will.

    If someone commits an actual serious crime there will still be plenty of police to deal with that.

    It can be done without criminalizing the rest of us over nit picking offenses . . . or killing us in cold blood for small offenses.


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