COVID-19 second waves, Tulsa, France, Australia

This video from Oklahoma in the USA says about itself:

Maskless Trump Supporters Camp Out For Tulsa Rally

The Young Turks’ Emma Vigeland breaks down clips of Trump supporters camping out of his controversial Tulsa rally, eager despite the threat of coronavirus.

Trump and other pro-Big Business politiciansreopen the economy‘. With consequences like this …

Translated from Dutch NOS radio today:

New clusters of contamination have been discovered in the French region of Normandy. This means that the reproduction number, the so-called R-value, has risen to 1.6. The R-value should in principle remain below 1, which means that each coronavirus patient infects less than 1 other person.

In Normandy, ‘code red’ has now been issued: the most serious warning.

“We need to be much more careful,” local authorities said. Across the region, controls are stepped up in places where the public meets. Additional measures are not yet planned.

“There are no signs of the epidemic flaring up again,” an official claimed. But caution remains the motto. 1,000 new infections are registered per week in Greater Paris. ..

Restrictions are being reintroduced in the Australian state of Victoria due to more coronavirus infections. … In the past 24 hours, 25 new infections were added to the area.

As in the rest of Australia, restrictions in the second most populous state of Victoria were eased considerably. For example, outdoor meetings with up to 20 people were allowed again.

For the time being, families may still have a maximum of five people visiting and no more than ten people may gather outside.

Slum housing drove up Covid-19 deaths – new Public Health England report: here.

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