Black Lives Matter, in Trump’s USA, everywhere

This 16 June 2020 video from the USA says about itself:

Critics Slam Trump for Support of Confederate Traitors | NowThis

In US news and current events today, critics continue to slam President Donald Trump over his refusal to rename military bases that are currently named in honor of treasonous Confederate generals who took up arms against the United States and killed thousands of Americans in the pursuit of keeping an entire race enslaved.

As President Donald J Trump’s Press Secretary pointed out, President Trump has no intention of renaming Fort Bragg and numerous other military bases named after Confederate traitors. This comes on the heels of numerous Confederate statues being removed and the Confederate flag, the stars and bars, being banned in an increasing number of places.

Confederate hagiography isn’t a valuable historical lesson, these monuments were created during Jim Crow as a reminder to Black people that while the war may have been lost, many in the South and across the US continue to fight against equality and racial justice.

In a new Lincoln Project ad and VoteVets ad, the Lincoln Project video and the Vote Vets video both take Trump to task over his reluctance to condemn the Confederacy, a position which is becoming increasingly untenable in light of the Black Lives Matter movement and Black Lives Matter protests that rose to global prominence after the police killing of George Floyd.

Camp Himmler, Fort Eichmann? How would I, a Jewish soldier, feel if our army bases were named after Nazis.

The long battle over “Gone With The Wind.”

SCOTUS BRUSHES OFF POLICE IMMUNITY CASE The Supreme Court brushed aside a number of cases that would have allowed it to readdress law enforcement officers’ broad immunity from lawsuits over police brutality. Justices turned away more than a dozen lawsuits related to qualified immunity, the legal doctrine which lets police officers escape accountability for using tactics that haven’t been expressly banned in prior court decisions. The national legal director at the American Civil Liberties Union called the decision “deeply disappointing,” especially in a “time of national reckoning over police violence.” [HuffPost]

RENEWED OUTCRY OVER BLACK TEEN’S 55-YEAR SENTENCE Nationwide anti-racism protests have sparked a renewed outcry over the 55-year prison sentence an Alabama teen received after he was convicted in the death of his friend, who was fatally shot by a police officer in 2015. Lakeith Smith was 15 when he and four friends broke into two homes and were confronted by police in Millbrook, Alabama. During a two-day trial in 2018, a jury convicted Smith of two counts of theft, burglary and felony murder under Alabama’s accomplice liability law. The law says a person can be guilty of murder if a death occurs when they are committing a crime, even if the person didn’t directly cause the death. [HuffPost]

Why does Hollywood back away from shows about police brutality?

Tyler Perry is “taking care” of Rayshard Brooks’ funeral.

19 thoughts on “Black Lives Matter, in Trump’s USA, everywhere

  1. This campaign is a collaboration between UltraViolet and Black Lives Matter Louisville community activists working on the ground to demand justice for Breonna Taylor.


    After weeks of protest, the Louisville City Council just voted to ban “no-knock” search warrants like the one used by police to break into the apartment of Breonna Taylor and kill her in a hail of bullets.

    Our pressure is working, but the cops who killed Breonna are still walking free. In fact, they haven’t even been fired from the Louisville Police Department.

    Last week, in support of BLM Louisville, we launched a major media ad campaign to demand justice for Breonna, including a full-page ad in the Louisville newspaper and an airplane banner banner with the message “Breonna was essential.”

    But we still have a long way to go. Breonna’s killers need to be fired, arrested, and charged. Our next move is to turn up the heat with TV ads on local Louisville TV demanding justice for Breonna.

    Will you donate $5 and help launch TV ads in Louisville demanding the arrest of the cops who murdered Breonna Taylor?

    Breonna Taylor was an EMT treating people with COVID-19. She had big plans for her future, to become a nurse and buy a house. But then three plainclothes police officers broke into her apartment as she slept, using a “no-knock” warrant that didn’t name her or her boyfriend, Kenneth Walker. When her boyfriend grabbed his licensed gun to defend their home, the cops opened fire.

    Breonna was hit eight times, shot dead in her bed.

    The public protests over the last two weeks put enormous pressure on the Louisville City Council to finally take action, but the shooters who killed Breonna still haven’t faced consequences.

    Breonna’s family is calling for the arrest of the police who killed her, and so are we. Our first ad blitz, including newspaper ads and an airplane banner, clearly had an impact. With your help, we’ll be able to go even bigger, launching a TV ad in Louisville demanding justice for Breonna. Will you donate $5? Your donation will be split between UltraViolet Action and BLM Louisville.

    Yes, I’ll donate $5 to help demand justice for Breonna Taylor.

    –Shaunna, Kat, Kathy, Anathea, Melody, Pam, Lindsay, Sonja, Kimberly, Maria, Elisa, and Katie, the UltraViolet team



    1. ‘Get your damn story straight’: What we know about Louisville woman Breonna Taylor’s death, USA Today, May 14, 2020

    2. LMPD officer in fatal shooting of David McAtee had mocked protester on Facebook, Courier Journal, June 2, 2020

    3. 911 call from Breonna Taylor’s shooting death released: “Somebody kicked in the door and shot my girlfriend”, CBS News, March 29, 202


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