North American migratory birds, video

This 10 June 2020 video from the USA says about itself:

More than half of the migratory bird species in North America are declining. In order to conserve these migrating birds, conservation scientist and National Geographic explorer Kristen Ruegg is tracking bird DNA with the Bird Genoscape Project.

Peace movement history, 1815-1949

This 10 June 2020 video says about itself:

History of the Peace Movement Part 1: 1815 1949

IPB (International Peace Bureau) presents a two-part webinar series to explore the past two centuries of peace movement activities, including the role of the IPB, which was founded in 1891.

In the first session, speakers Guido Grünewald and David Cortright discuss the peace movement of the 19th century and early 20th century, leading up to the First World War. Special attention will be given to the role of the IPB prior to, during, and upon the conclusion of World War I. The presentation then turns to the interwar period, the Second World War, and the years immediately following the war.


Guido Grünewald, Author & Historian

David Cortright, Director of Policy Studies at the Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies

Moderated by Amela Skiljan, IPB Coordinator

This video is the post-1949 sequel.

Bullock’s orioles visit osprey nest

This video from Montana in the USA says about itself:

Bullock’s Orioles Visit Hellgate Osprey Nest – June 11, 2020

A pair of Bullock’s Orioles visit the Hellgate Osprey nest. Adult males are bright orange with a black back and large white wing patch. The face is orange with a black line through the eye and a black throat. Females and immatures are yellowish-orange on the head and tail, with grayish back and white-edged wing coverts.

Footballers against racist police violence

This video from the USA is called Megan Rapinoe Kneels During USWNT [the United States women’s national soccer team] Match National Anthem v. Thailand – September 15, 2016.

Like American football player Colin Kaepernick before her, Ms Rapinoe knelt as a protest against discrimination in the USA.

This caused venomous attacks on Ms Rapinoe by Donald Trump and Rupert Murdoch. The United States soccer bosses, cowards like their American football counterparts, reacted by banning anti-racist protests.

Recently, the international football (soccer) association FIFA decided that footballers should not be punished for kneeling against racist police violence.

And United States soccer bosses may follow suit.

This 9 June 2020 video from the USA is called US Soccer considers rescinding the kneeling ban.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain today:

Men’s Football: Mikel Arteta supports Arsenal players in protesting against racial injustice

ARSENAL manager Mikel Arteta was proud of his players for their support of the Black Lives Matter campaign ahead of their friendly with Brentford on Wednesday.

The Gunners wore t-shirts with a variety of messages on them, such as “I can’t breathe”, “My skin is not a crime” and “I’m not black but I stand with you”, in support of the protests going on around the world.

They also took a knee before kick-off, a symbolic way to show support, popularised by American football player Colin Kaepernick, which is also being reviewed by Olympic organisers.

Giants Jewish manager Gabe Kapler kneels during National Anthem.

Trump threatens Seattle residents, a British comment

Protesters outside Seattle's Pike Place Market during the #SeattleJusticeForGeorgeFloyd march on Saturday, June 6

From daily The Morning Star in Britain today:

Editorial: Stateless in Seattle: Trump’s threats reveal his anxiety

THERE seems no end to the number of things that link our country in a poisonous embrace with the US. Both are led by spectacularly incompetent politicians, both responsible for catastrophic mistakes in the handling of the Covid-19 pandemic that have led to the deaths of many thousands of people who, if either government had listened to expert scientific and medical opinion, had taken heed of the World Health Organisation and followed the example of China, would still be in the bosom of their families.

We are linked through a military alliancelaughingly named the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation — that assumes the right to intervene anywhere near or far from the ocean that divides us when the interests of the ruling elites of our two states, already co-mingled by marriage, money and mercenary greed, are threatened.

One particularly malign aspect of this relationship is the shared investment in war production in the aerospace, missile and “defence” technology sectors.

It seems that neither country can manufacture or obtain enough respirators to meet any unusual demand; neither can supply its health workers with adequate PPE but both can equip their police forces with the latest riot equipment and provide their armed forces with equipment sophisticated enough to drop a $1.5 million guided missile on a Pashtun wedding party from a continent away.

The Scottish bid to put an end to the export of riot gear to the already heavily militarised police forces of the US shows us that Britain is a world leader in the design and construction of the instruments of repression which find such a ready market in neoliberal capitalist states.

It also shows that no market in repression, however unconnected to the defence of the nation from real threats, is too marginal to escape surplus capital seeking profitable avenues for investment.

The government’s own contingency planning body identified a viral infection as a higher order of threat than any military adversary or even terrorist formation. No matter, no military project or repressive technology is starved of cash.

Boris Johnson’s soulmate across the sea has given notice that he wants to “take back Seattle” from “domestic terrorists”, “anarchists” and “radical-left Democrats” if the city’s mayor and Washington State governor refuse to do so.

Residents in a section of this Pacific-facing city — itself with a long history of radical working-class action going back to the Seattle General Strike of 1919 — have taken control of the streets, negotiated an arrangement with the local cops to shut the police station and established a Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone. In addition to a street festival and free food, some subversively vegan in origin, this weekend they plan a local Black Lives Matter general strike.

What is interesting about this highly localised experiment is not that it is the imaginative product of an unusually exotic local political culture and a surprisingly savvy police force — but the intemperate response by Trump to what hardly comprises a full-on assault on the capitalist state’s monopoly of force.

The depth and intensity of the political crisis in the US and the rather differently articulated political situation in Britain is causing real problems for the ruling elites of both states.

Faced with a mobilisation on the scale we are witnessing, repression just compounds the problem. Fail to resolve the issues which underlie the tensions — an almost impossible task for the people currently in office — and their legitimacy is challenged while their credibility takes a hit.

The question for the labour movement and the left is: who will rise to the challenge of leadership?

Trump abbreviates Secret Service as S.S. — although he knows the right way to do it.

N.C. rabbis: The ‘moral pandemic’ of racism is a Jewish problem.

I went to protest with my grown children. What I saw gave me hope.

After Grenfell disaster, British Conservatives still anti-safety

The remains of Grenfell Tower in London, England

By Lamiat Sabin in Britain, 11 June 2020:

Grenfell campaigners and Labour slam ministers for failing to meet deadline for removal of flammable cladding

THE Tory government was slammed today after it failed to meet its own deadline for removing all flammable cladding from buildings.

There are still about 300 buildings covered in aluminium composite material (ACM) cladding, three years on from the anniversary this Sunday of the Grenfell Tower fire that killed 72 people.

In July 2019, then Housing Secretary James Brokenshire set a deadline of June 2020 for all Grenfell-style cladding to be removed and replaced on tower blocks.