Racism in Donald Trump’s USA

This 9 June 2020 video from the USA says about itself:

Disturbing Video of Protester Shot in the Face With a Rubber Bullet | NowThis

WARNING: Distressing Content

In US news and current events today, police officers shot protester LaToya Ratlieff in the face with a rubber bullet during a Black Lives Matter march in Florida — now she’s considering suing the police.

As the Black Lives Matter protests and George Floyd protests continue to grow globally, the debate over police violence and police brutality has grown to a fever pitch, which makes it all the more curious why police have elected to respond to these BLM protests with more violence.

Protesters have been hit with batons, bean bags, tear gas, pepper balls, and rubber bullets, all technically non-lethal weapons, or less than lethal weapons, but still capable of doing immense physical harm. As calls grow to defund the police and demilitarize the police, we look at the damage one so-called rubber bullet can do to a peaceful protester.

Nationwide protests over the racism of America’s present have also reignited furor against the most powerful symbols of its racist past: the roughly 1,700 Confederate monuments and symbols that still dot the nation’s landscape.

Scant Evidence For Trump Claim That Antifa Is Behind Protest Violence. An Associated Press investigation into arrest records found that very few people were affiliated with organized groups: here.

America Has Tried And Failed To Explain Its Racism To The World [HuffPost]

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