Pinetum plants, birds and tadpoles

This 2017 video is about Pinetum Blijdenstein in Hilversum, the Netherlands. This botanical garden was founded in 1898.

We went there today. In the middle is a pond, called the ‘Mesozoic pond’. Around it, all plants are relatives of plants that already lived during the age of dinosaurs. Like ferns, horsetails and conifers. Flowering plants had just started then. Around the pond is just one flowering plant species, a magnolia. Magnolias are relatives of plants that already lived during the Cretaceous.

In the pond, tadpoles swam.

Sounds of great spotted woodpecker, blackbird and robin. A song thrush sings, another one feeds on a lawn.

Then, we went to the Costerustuin botanical garden.

This 2008 video is about the Costerustuin.

The garden also has a pond; smaller than the pinetum pond and not Mesozoic.

Tadpoles swam, and pondskaters skated on the surface.

A great tit on a tree.

After we left, a blackcap sang.

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