Racist police brutality in Donald Trump’s USA

This 5 June 2020 video from the USA says about itself:

PROTESTER RIGHTS: By ACLU Lawyer Emerson Sykes | NowThis

Heading out to a protest this week? Know your rights.

In US news and current events today, it’s your constitutional right to protest on public sidewalks, streets, and parks. This includes the right to picket, march, and hand out pamphlets or other printed material. Sometimes a permit is required — ACLU lawyer Emerson Sykes explains protester rights.

TRUMP SHARES LETTER CALLING PROTESTERS ‘TERRORISTS’ President Donald Trump shared a letter on Twitter from one of his attorneys that describes protesters outside the White House as “terrorists”. Trump said the letter from John Dowd was “of interest to the American people.” Dowd’s letter was about the use of force against largely peaceful demonstrators in Lafayette Square, across from the White House, before Trump’s Bible-holding photo-op. [HuffPost]

Trump’s church photo has no American precedent. Does it have one in fascism?

What Trump (and Masha Gessen) can teach us about autocracy.

CIVIL RIGHTS GROUPS SUE BARR, TRUMP The American Civil Liberties Union and Black Lives Matter sued the Trump administration for what the groups called an “unconstitutional” and “frankly criminal attack” on protesters outside the White House this week ahead of Trump’s church photo-op. The federal lawsuit, filed on behalf of five demonstrators, comes after law enforcement used gas canisters and flash-bang grenades to disperse largely peaceful crowds gathered in Lafayette Square on Monday to protest the Minneapolis police killing of George Floyd. [HuffPost]

WHITE HOUSE SECURITY BANNED CLERGY FROM HOLDING VIGIL  Federal security forces blocked clergy from having a prayer vigil in front of a Washington church on Wednesday ― the same church that President Donald Trump freely strode up to days earlier for his photo-op with a Bible. More than 100 interfaith clergy answered a call to gather outside St. John’s Church at Lafayette Square, directly across from the White House, for a prayer vigil on Wednesday afternoon. But an expanded security perimeter around the White House prevented the faith leaders from congregating on church property. [HuffPost]

The White House is now so heavily fortified it resembles a faraway autocrat’s compound.

LAW ENFORCEMENT SEIZES MASKS MEANT TO PROTECT PROTESTERS Law enforcement agents have seized hundreds of cloth masks that read “Stop killing Black people” and “Defund police” that a Black Lives Matter-affiliated organization sent to cities around the country to protect demonstrators against the spread of COVID-19, which has had a disparate impact on Black communities. The Movement for Black Lives spent tens of thousands of dollars on the masks. It’s not clear what law enforcement entity seized the masks or why. [HuffPost]

‘IT WAS A TRAP’: NYPD ROUGHS UP NEW YORKERS Just before New York’s 8 p.m. curfew Thursday, heavily armored NYPD officers on bicycles rushed a group of protesters in the Bronx who were demonstrating against police brutality. The officers charged with their batons out, Jake Offenhartz, a Gothamist reporter, tweeted. “Multiple people hit. Someone bleeding from the head,” he reported. “This wasn’t even a confrontation it was a trap.” The protesters were reportedly not violent, but with the 8 p.m. curfew in place, NYPD officers took it as their mandate to arrest everyone in sight, using brutal force to make sure they got the message. [HuffPost]

Jewish protestor, staples in head and arm broken on New York City streets, tells his story.

PROTESTER, 75, SHOVED BY THE POLICE, HITS HEAD ON CONCRETE Disturbing footage taken during a Buffalo, New York, protest shows police pushing a lone 75-year-old protester to the ground, causing him to hit his head on the concrete and bleed from the ear. Video shows the man approach the officers and speak to them. Two of the cops moved toward him, and at least one shoved him with his hand. The protester fell to the ground and audibly hit his head on the concrete, where he lay still and began to bleed from his ear. The officers stopped to look at him until another officer stepped in and directed them to keep walking. The man was later hospitalized in serious condition. Two cops were suspended. [HuffPost]

What to do if you’re hit by tear gas or pepper spray.

POLICE BUDGETS HAVE ALWAYS BEEN UNTOUCHABLE. THAT COULD CHANGE. Chants to “Defund the police!” have reverberated around the country, as thousands of people protested racist police violence this past week. The phrase is an acknowledgment of the fact that police departments typically have far more money than other government services that could better serve communities without subjecting them to brutality and violence. Black Lives Matter and other anti-police violence groups have been working to defund the police by cutting agencies’ budgets for years. And these efforts have gained momentum in the wake of recent outcries. [HuffPost]

MINNEAPOLIS CITY COUNCIL PRESIDENT WANTS TO DISMANTLE THE POLICE The Minneapolis City Council will vote on a temporary order today to institute immediate changes to the police department that may include increased accountability and shifts in use-of-force policies. Council President Lisa Bender and Councilmember Jeremiah Ellison said they hoped to replace law enforcement with a “transformative new model of public safety,” calling such changes long “past due.” [HuffPost]

Cut LAPD by $150M, says L.A. mayor who sees struggle against police brutality as ‘Jewish’ one.

AIPAC hasn’t made a public statement about George Floyd. Activists are outraged.

AL SHARPTON ANNOUNCES MARCH ON WASHINGTON The Rev. Al Sharpton and George Floyd’s family are planning a march on Washington on Aug. 28. Sharpton announced the plan Thursday while delivering a eulogy for Floyd. “We’re going back to Washington,” Sharpton told the crowd, specifically addressing Martin Luther King III, who was in attendance. “That’s where your father stood in the shadows of the Lincoln Memorial and said, ‘I have a dream‘… This is the era to deal with policing and criminal justice,” he added, noting the march would specifically be used to call for a federal policing equality act. [HuffPost]

HISTORIC ANTI-LYNCHING LEGISLATION BLOCKED BY RAND PAUL On the day of George Floyd’s funeral, as American cities continued to fill with protesters demonstrating for Black lives, Congress sought to pass a bill that would make lynching a federal crime. But one man, Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul (Republican), stood in the way. The bill, the Emmett Till Anti-Lynching Act, named after the 14-year-old Black teenager who was brutally murdered in 1955, has broad bipartisan support. [HuffPost]

America’s legacy of lynching isn’t all history. Many say it’s still happening today.

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