Dutch ambassador to Nigeria helped Shell corruption

This 27 November 2018 video says about itself:

We are just working to die, say Shell workers in Nigeria

[Trade union federation] IndustriALL’s mission to Port Harcourt, Nigeria, found Shell workers living in shocking conditions with poverty wages, no job security and inadequate medical cover that is costing workers’ lives. Find out more here.

Translated from Dutch NOS radio today:

Dutch ambassador to Nigeria leaked information to Shell

At the end of 2017, the Dutch ambassador to Nigeria leaked confidential information about a major corruption investigation into Shell to the oil corporation. NRC daily writes this based on an integrity investigation into Robert Petri. He was prematurely replaced as ambassador to the Nigerian capital Abuja in early 2019.

A criminal investigation into Shell was underway at the end of 2017 because the oil company, along with the Italian oil corporation Eni, is said to have used nearly $ 1 billion in kickbacks for developing a big Nigerian oil field. Just before the FIOD Dutch tax investigative service left for Nigeria to gather information about the case, the ambassador and his wife visited the local Shell CEO. Petri is said to have admitted that he has ‘revealed’ the arrival of FIOD.

The ministry only intervened after two consecutive inspections: an integrity investigation into Petri, at the end of 2018, and subsequently a specially inserted investigation into the working climate at the embassy, ​​at the beginning of 2019.

The initial investigation was prompted by a complaint about the ambassador’s integrity. It was about a trip he made with his wife in May 2018 on an aeroplane of a Nigerian gas company partly owned by Shell.

The two internal investigations revealed, eg, a sick working atmosphere at the embassy.

3 thoughts on “Dutch ambassador to Nigeria helped Shell corruption

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  2. 11 september 2020 Klokkenluidster ten onrechte ontslagen

    De Nederlandse ambassade in Nigeria heeft Fidelia Onoghaife ten onrechte ontslagen nadat zij aan het licht bracht dat de Nederlandse ambassadeur daar Shell had ingelicht dat de FIOD een onderzoek naar het bedrijf instelde in verband met een grote corruptiezaak. Dat heeft de rechtbank bepaald in de rechtszaak die de Nigeriaanse vrouw (die als senior beleidsadviseur op de ambassade werkte) had aangespannen. Onoghaife werd gesteund door de FNV, maar ook door Milieudefensie en onderzoeksinstelling SOMO. Directeur van Milieudefensie Pols wijst erop dat dit niet het enige voorbeeld is waarbij de Nederlandse overheid bereid is kritische ambtenaren te ontslaan om Shell en andere multinationals tegemoet te komen. De FNV stelt ook aan de kaak, dat de ambassademedewerkers geen vakbondslid mogen zijn.



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