Coronavirus disaster in Europe, update

This video from Britain says about itself:

Ventilators not exterminators. With Hilary Wainwright and Sam Mason

Earlier this year, a nuclear weapons contractor began manufacturing 10,000 ventilators. It demonstrates how highly-skilled workers could be redeployed to produce socially useful goods and services once the Trident nuclear weapons system is scrapped.

We discussed these fascinating developments on Saturday 25th April with Hilary Wainwright, founding editor of Red Pepper, who has written extensively on defence diversification and democratising the economy, and Samantha Mason, policy officer at the PCS union. The seminar was hosted by Ian Chamberlain, CND‘s press and communications officer.

Translated from Dutch NOS radio today:

Swedish coronavirus strategist admits mistakes: ‘We should have worked differently’

Sweden should have adopted a different coronavirus strategy, Swedish epidemiologist Anders Tegnell said in an interview with the country’s public radio station. …

Tegnell heads the Swedish health authority and is the architect of the controversial Swedish coronavirus approach. He became a cult hero …

In the Scandinavian country, unlike many countries in the rest of the world, cafes, restaurants, gyms and primary schools remained open. Society thus remained open, but the slogan of the Swedes was that the elderly and the weak would be better protected.

More than 4,400 people died in Sweden. That is much more than in neighbouring countries, even when adjusting for population numbers. Despite the better protection they supposedly would receive, the virus hit hard on Swedish elderly people. …

Because of his approach, too many people in Sweden have died, the epidemiologist now admits.

NOS radio also reports that in Göttingen city in Germany, at least 80 people have become infected with COVID-19 after a party.

Britain‘s excess death toll nears 60,000 confirming it is one of the worst-hit countries globally: here.

Legal action filed against decision not to publicise findings on Britain’s preparedness for a flu pandemic: here.

UK police dismiss spitting case in COVID-19 death of rail worker Belly Mujinga. By Michael Barnes, 3 June 2020. A petition calling for Justice for Belly now has well over half a million signatures.

Health privatisation is wrecking Ukraine‘s ability to fight Covid-19: here.

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