George Floyd murdered, police, protests and poetry

This 2 June 2020 video from the USA says about itself:

Police Repression Backfires As Protests Multiply

Professor Lester Spence argues America is facing two pandemics: COVID-19 and political policing.

By Fran Lock in Britain, 2 June 2020:

Breath by Fran Lock

On the murder of George Floyd

inside this symmetrical fiction of skins, we do not court
the carnivore attentions of a cop with eyes like bullicante
glass. we do not wear our reservoirs. we do not bear our
freight of names upon the face; find a dirty jest of us in all
the ugly campaign prosodies of power. death, persistent
and repeating. our dying, sanctioned by habit. this habit
of skin. yes, we’ve felt our paddy slanguage also choked.
but no: that cop will never twist our workaholic wrists
behind our back because. and just because. such luxury,
this silence. to breathe. if breath could split this pidgin
midnight into mercy. if poems could. if meter weren’t this
proxy skin, a creditable flesh, i’d breathe. and breathe this
swift and futile morning out. whose name is not a slogan.
whose skin is not a flag. whose saying should be supple
love. this poem, that takes up more space on the page
than some people do in the whole wide world. white
space of the page. white space of a lung. could open
this pieta! into seeming air.

Fran Lock’s most recent collections are Contains Mild Peril (2019) and Raptures and Captures (2019).

This 2 June 2020 video from the USA is called Los Angeles Police Union Lawyer Tweets “SHOOT PROTESTORS!”

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