Police brutality in Donald Trump’s USA

This 1 June 2020 video says about itself:

George Floyd mass protests in the US: Latest developments | DW News

Another night of unrest in the US with protests in some 75 cities, after the death of George Floyd, a black man in police custody. The national guard has been deployed in a number of states. Curfews were extended in major cities as police struggle to contain the situation. And there’s been a memorial for George Floyd in Minneapolis, where he died a week ago after an officer knelt on his neck.

Earlier in Minneapolis, a truck drove through a crowd of protesters on a highway overpass. Miraculously, it appears only one person was slightly injured.

How do you kneel on a neck for nine minutes?

This 31 May 2020 video from the USA is called The Real Looting Of America CNN Won’t Show You. With Chris Hedges.

Nationwide protests continue over police murder as state violence mounts. By Jacob Crosse, 1 June 2020. In scenes repeated across the country, youth and workers were clubbed, gassed and attacked with rubber bullets by police.

“The system is suffocating the life out of the working class”. Autoworkers denounce police murder of George Floyd, express support for protesters. By our reporters, 1 June 2020. Autoworkers rejected efforts to brand the protesters as “violent” and said the real violence was being perpetrated by police and National Guard troops.

Videos and images circulated on social media Saturday afternoon showing New York Police Department officers driving vans into crowds, accosting credentialed media ― and arresting a HuffPost reporter ― and, in one instance, apparently pulling down a protester’s mask to pepper spray him. Mayor De Blasio’s daughter Chiara was arrested at a Manhattan protest Saturday night. [HuffPost]

2 ATLANTA COPS FIRED AFTER STUDENTS SHOCKED, DRAGGED FROM CAR Atlanta moved quickly Sunday to immediately fire two police officers involved in the violent arrest of two young Black people who were roughly dragged from a car and apparently shocked with stun guns as anti-racism protests erupted across the nation. The ugly confrontation was captured live on video by CBS 46 Saturday as a group of officers suddenly stormed a car with the two college students inside. Police brutality was on display across the country over the weekend, as people came out to protest the killing of George Floyd in police custody. [HuffPost]

MINNEAPOLIS COPS APPEAR TO FIRE PAINT ROUNDS AT PEOPLE ON PORCH A video posted to social media appears to show Minneapolis police firing paint rounds at people who were standing on their front porch Saturday night, simply because the people did not get inside the house when ordered to. In the video, some two dozen police, clad in riot gear and accompanied by a tank, can be seen trotting down a quiet residential street, yelling: “Get inside! Get in your house, now! Let’s go!” As people stand on the porch of one house filming the police, someone yells: “Light ’em up!” The police turn, and at least one fires a projectile at the people on the porch, who scream and run indoors. [HuffPost]

TRUMP WAS RUSHED AND RUDE IN CONDOLENCE CALL, FLOYD’S BROTHER SAYS — George Floyd’s brother said Trump’s phone call to the family of the man killed by Minneapolis police was rushed and dismissive. “He didn’t give me the opportunity to even speak,” Philonise Floyd told the Rev. Al Sharpton on MSNBC. [HuffPost]

Trump wants America looking at the stars as he drags it through the gutter.

DEMOCRATS, REPUBLICANS URGE TRUMP TO STOP INCENDIARY RHETORIC As civil unrest over the death of George Floyd and other Black victims of police brutality continued to rock cities, lawmakers and leaders implored President Donald Trump to cease his inflammatory commentary. Democrats and some Republicans expressed concern over Trump’s rhetoric, with some saying his comments were fueling violence and exacerbating the tense situation. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said Trump’s statements are “bait” to divert from the root issues that prompted the protests. Trump and his family were moved into the White House bunker and lights in the building were turned out as fires raged outside the building. [HuffPost]

This video is called Montage of police violence from across the US, weekend of May 30, 2020.

Trump incites violent police rampage against protesters. 1 June 2020. Trump’s calls for police violence and repression have been a common theme throughout his administration. Trump views the police as a potential power base for a dictatorial and fascistic regime: here.

Lady Gaga calls Trump a “fool and a racist”.

TRUMP SAYS ANTIFA WILL BE DESIGNATED A TERRORIST ORGANIZATION Trump said the U.S. will designate anti-fascist protesters known as antifa as a terrorist organization amid nationwide protests over the death of George Floyd. Trump, falsely conflating peaceful protests with lawless violence, announced his intentions on Twitter. He blamed “radical left anarchists,” as well as the media, for stirring up trouble in various cities and urged local leaders to shut their demonstrations down “before it is too late!” An American Civil Liberties Union official, responding to Trump’s terrorism call for antifa, called it “abused and misused.” [HuffPost]

FERGUSON POLICE TAKE A KNEE TO HONOR GEORGE FLOYD Protesters demanding justice and change in the wake of George Floyd’s death were joined in solidarity by officers in Ferguson, Missouri, where Michael Brown, a Black teen, was killed by police in 2014. Ferguson Police Chief Jason Armstrong, who joined the department last year, took a knee in honor of Floyd, who died after a Minneapolis police officer knelt on his neck while Floyd was restrained on the ground. Videos posted to Twitter captured Armstrong at one point marching with protesters who were chanting “hands up, don’t shoot.” [HuffPost]

CORNEL WEST: WE’RE WITNESSING THE COLLAPSE OF THE LEGITIMACY OF LEADERSHIP Black activist and prominent social critic Cornel West linked the ongoing protests in America to anger over the “vicious legacy of white supremacy” and the “collapse of the legitimacy of leadership.” “The beautiful thing is we’re seeing citizens who are caring and concerned. They’re hitting the streets,” the Harvard Divinity School professor said. “The problem is we have a system that’s not responding and seems to be unable to respond,” he added. [HuffPost]

Letter from Los Angeles: What the old Jewish radical taught me about George Floyd.

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