COVID-19 pandemic, worldwide news

This 31 May 2020 video from Deutsche Welle in Germany says about itself:

New coronavirus case on first Germany-China return flight | DW News

A passenger who traveled on a special flight from Germany to China has tested positive for the coronavirus. The chartered flight was carrying 180 passengers from Frankfurt to Tianjin after they received special permission to travel from the Chinese authorities.

Many are executives with German companies, and the deal was brokered by the German Chamber of Commerce. China has barred most non-citizens from entering the country to prevent the introduction of new infections. DW correspondent Mathias Bölinger was on the flight and reports from quarantine in Tianjin.

New COVID-19 infections worldwide hit record levels. By Patrick Martin, 1 June 2020. New coronavirus hotspots have emerged in the American South and West.

Low prevalence of COVID-19 infections in countries passing through the storm of the pandemic. Discredited policy of coronavirus “herd immunity” placed in stark relief. By Benjamin Mateus, 1 June 2020. Much of the population of the globe remains susceptible to coronavirus infection, exposing the pursuit of herd immunity as a horrifically deadly policy.

COVID-19 fatalities in Europe’s care homes far higher than official counts. By Stephen Alexander, 1 June 2020. Just as the belated and partial lockdown measures have begun to stem the tide of fatalities, the ruling elite is forging ahead with a premature easing of restrictions.

Germany’s right-wing Bild tabloid agitates against leading virologist Christian Drosten. By Marianne Arens, 1 June 2020. The Bild sought specifically to ridicule a study in which Drosten found that children may be just as infectious as adults when they have coronavirus.

Thousands of Canadian medical workers infected with COVID-19 due to lack of PPE. By Omar Ali, 1 June 2020. More than 2,000 nurses in British Columbia have filed complaints about the lack of personal protective equipment.

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