Big anti-racist murder protest in Amsterdam

This 1 June 2020 fast motion time-lapse video from the Dam square in Amsterdam shows how today the big square filled with many demonstrators against the police murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis, USA and similar crimes.

The video only shows the first part. Later, many more demonstrators came., making that tramways and cars could no longer pass and streets around the square filled.

According to NOS radio, most demonstrators wore face masks (not mandatory in the Netherlands) against COVID-19 and practised spatial distancing. However, that became difficult when very many people joined.

This Dutch TV video shows webcam images of that demonstration.

The next demonstrations against police brutality in the Netherlands are in The Hague, 2 June 18.00 Koekamp. And Rotterdam 3 June, 17.00, Schouwburgplein square. The organisers ask everyone to wear face masks and to distance spatially.

6 thoughts on “Big anti-racist murder protest in Amsterdam

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