New coronavirus outbreak in Suriname

This 17 May 2020 video is called French schools return amid apprehension over coronavirus pandemic.

Translated from Dutch NOS radio today:

In Suriname, code red has been announced because of three new coronavirus infections. Schools that were supposed to reopen for students on Monday remain closed longer and domestic air traffic has been shut down.

The new Covid-19 infections have been reported by the Ministry of Health of Suriname. Correspondent Nina Jurna …: “No new infections were added in recent weeks. However, the virus has now flared up again. In Suriname, all alarm bells are already ringing for a few infections, because the country has only 25 to 30 respirators.”

Porous borders

In total Suriname now has 14 coronavirus patients. One of them died. Of the three new contamination cases, one was reported on Tuesday, May 26, and two on Saturday. According to the ministry, the source of all infections is not yet known.

… The infections may come from neighboring French Guiana. “These are porous borders,” said Jurna.

Suriname borders on COVID-19 epicentre Brazil as well.

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