United States coronavirus disaster, deaths and cover-ups

This 27 March 2020 video from the USA says about itself:

Reporter of Faith Challenges Trump Administration on Reopening Places of Worship | NowThis

Trump called on houses of worship to reopen across the country — but this reporter of faith had the perfect comeback for why that’s dangerous.

In US news and current events today, watch a reporter of faith challenge Trump’s press secretary after Pres. Trump ordered houses of worship to reopen. COVID-19 has spread through churches across the U.S. A singer with COVID-19 attended choir practice in Washington, infecting 53 others, two of whom died. In Arkansas, a pastor and his wife who had COVID-19 led services and 35 attendees were infected with the virus and three people died. In California, a person with COVID-19 attended a religious service, exposing 180 other people to COVID-19.

Dow Jones hits 25,000 as pandemic death toll reaches 100,000 [in the USA]. 27 May 2020. The Wall Street surge anticipates the shutdown of all restraints on corporate operations and capitalist profiteering: here.

Reports question accuracy of COVID-19 death counts in US and globally. By Bryan Dyne, 27 May 2020. There is increasing evidence that the actual fatalities caused by the pandemic are up to three times the numbers officially reported.

US corporations, government cover up workplace infections and deaths. By Jerry White, 27 May 2020. Recent reports on the meatpacking, logistics and other industries document a systematic effort to conceal the number of COVID-19 cases in workplaces.

Pennsylvania reopens despite gross mishandling of COVID-19 data. By Ben Collyer, 27 May 2020. Figures released this week paint a horrific picture of the suffering and despair caused by the pandemic among the elderly and infirm.

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