Bolsonaro’s Brazil, Trump’s USA coronavirus epicentres

This 24 May 2020 video says about itself:

Brazil overtakes Russia to become No 2 in world for virus cases

As the coronavirus pandemic rages in Brazil and Latin America, President Jair Bolsonaro‘s political fight is also heating up.

He has dismissed accusations he was trying to interfere in a police investigation into his sons and has continued to downplay its spread.

Brazil has now become the second-worst affected country in the world after the United States.

Al Jazeera’s Allessandro Rampietti reports.

98 thoughts on “Bolsonaro’s Brazil, Trump’s USA coronavirus epicentres

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  3. What god would command his followers to pack together into buildings in the middle of a national pandemic? And we say national pandemic as contrasted with global pandemic because it is so much worse here than any other country in the world.

    And why? No, not because we are testing more people, as Grand Doofus Trump asserted the other day. These same numbers of people, or more, would be getting infected and dying whether we were testing or not. It is solely because Trump has so abdicated any real leadership for so many months.

    No god would command his followers to commit mass suicide, to sacrifice themselves for his own sake, by crowding into churches at the worst possible time. Only a delusional demagogue such as Donald Trump would do such a thing.

    All this at the same time that CDC guidelines, to the extent they have not been totalitarian censored, require no gatherings of more than 10 people. How’s that going to work for all these churches who are so determined to cut down their own members? We hear talk about services outdoors. How many of these vanity factories do you think will really do that?

    How many times has Trump claimed that he had no power whatsoever to order the states to do anything since the beginning of this national health debacle?

    Oh, but now, Trump claims the absolute right to order governors to reopen the churches? It is not as if Mr. Article Two has not claimed the absolute power to do all kinds of other things, over and over. But when it comes to saving the American people, until now he was supposed to be Mr. Helpless, until it came to sending well-meaning religious people to the viral slaughter, that is. Our houses of worship were not supposed to be god’s death traps, Trump has taken personal ownership of that.

    Indeed, for decades televangelists have been telling their electronic flocks that they don’t need a physical church building at all, all they need is to send all their money to the guy shouting at them on the cable TV. Which bring us to Kenneth Copeland, some piece of work by the devil if there ever was one. Apparently his theatrics will not keep hundreds of thousands of Americans from dying. His authoritarian pronouncement that conornavirus was instantly banished from the realm had no actual authority at all to negate the science of epidemiology.

    Who the hell is this guy, Trump, to order religious people to do anything? We recoil from even calling him a man, because a real man would take responsibility for his failings. This guy who has never cracked a bible even one time, who is he to issue dictates of faith? What mortal sin has Trump not committed, including now the negligent homicide, not just of one on 5th Ave as he bragged he could get away with, but of a hundred thousand and still counting almost without respite?

    This failed president, with bad ratings (latest polls), who needs to be put out of business (office) fast, all the performance based pejoratives he is so fond of hurling at any news outlets that report the truth, is incapable of ever admitting he was wrong about anything. And he really doesn’t care how many more people have to die to preserve his illusion of infallibility and omniscient genius.

    Unlike Trump, we can admit when we were wrong. During the recent impeachment we argued that the Democrats needed to take their time to build the strongest case. We were wrong. If only we had a bit more prescience to anticipate just how urgent the threat of Trump’s self-serving incompetence was.

    If Trump had been removed in January, not even Pence acting on his own could have screwed it up this bad. Pence might have given the same non-binding order to keep the churches open, but not bound so slavishly to second Trump in every other way, no way even Pence would have blown it nearly this bad. That Trump was not impeached when it would have saved so many American citizens is not the fault of Democrats or their haste, but of so many craven partisans in the Republican Senate, who simply refused to even consider the manifest evidence of his guilt.

    Today we observe memorial day.

    So it is fitting that we remember the 100,000 people who have died already, not at the hands of some other country’s army, but at the hands of the bottomless evil of Trump’s vanity, and those who continue to back him up.

    The People’s Email Network, PO Box 35022, L.A., CA 90035


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