No coronavirus denialism, climate denialism, Holocaust denialism

This 22 May 2020 satiric music video is by Dillie Keane from Britain.

It says about itself:

Song for Dominic Cummings

Posting two hours before my [68th] birthday since the news has broken about Mr Cummings! Lyrics in text form if you click the thingy.

Coronavirus denialists in Glasgow, Scotland

From British daily The Morning Star today:

Editorial: Just say no to coronavirus cranks, snake-oil salesmen and conspiracy nutters

WORKERS and their unions are right to turn up the pressure on dangerous plans to reopen workplaces and public venues — the two are usually the same — in haste.

Although the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic in terms of infections, deaths and new cases appears to have passed in Britain, events in parts of France and Germany indicate that moving too quickly out of lockdown, quarantine and social distancing measures can revive the spread of the virus.

We cannot even be wholly sure that the amended statistics for the impact of the virus are sufficiently accurate to permit an easing of anti-pandemic policies just yet. Britain still has inadequate safety and testing regimes, no tracing system worth the name and no anti-Covid vaccine.

Yet it is also clear that the central government at Westminster and the big business interests which fund the Tory Party have a tendency to be incompetent and even reckless when it comes to protecting the lives of workers, the elderly and the public generally.

There’s no conspiracy on the part of Britain’s ruling class to kill off workers, hospital patients or elderly care-home residents. There only needs to be a basic knowledge of how and why capitalism functions in order to understand why — especially in its most nakedly neoliberal form — it has failed so shamefully to defend our society more effectively against a deadly pandemic.

Exercise Cygnus in 2016 demonstrated the urgent need to invest in the health and social care measures required to combat a highly contagious and lethal virus. But our ruling class priorities were austerity, privatisation, cutting corporate taxes

Nonetheless, there is no option now but to proceed from where we are. A top priority must be to rescue the rapidly growing number of people driven into poverty by the coronavirus and facing eviction from their homes. Emergency action is required from the British, Scottish and Welsh governments to prevent this from happening.

The anti-pandemic programme must stay largely in place for the time being. People should abide by the restrictions necessary to keep themselves and others safe. Workers and their unions must be ready to take collective action to reject unsafe working practices.

But we must also be aware of the insidious campaign being waged — mostly through the social media — by politically motivated, unscrupulous, malevolent or simply gullible people who deny the dangers and even the very existence of the current pandemic.

Their conspiracy theories are aimed at various and often contradictory targets — the Chinese Communist Party, the US or British “deep state”, the medical profession — but they all have the effect of undermining efforts to combat Covid-19.

They claim to base their arguments against social distancing, masks, vaccination and the rest on “facts” and “evidence” which the powers-that-be are desperate to suppress.

They portray themselves as courageous defenders of liberty against dastardly plots to deprive us of it — yet we never see them defending workers’ rights, or joining any genuine mass movement against the real-life austerity, privatisation, anti-trade union or pro-war policies of the ruling class in Britain, the US or elsewhere.

They dismiss as part of, presumably, a world-wide establishment cover-up the overwhelming evidence from every reputable scientific and medical source that Covid-19 is real, potentially catastrophic and cannot have originated in a laboratory.

It is no coincidence that the chief peddlers of this dangerous nonsense are often the same egotistical, well-funded and very right-wing climate change deniers and 9/11 “truthers” who oppose any attempts to challenge the power and wealth of the big corporations.

And lurking in their midst are the racists and fascists who propagate the vilest conspiracy theories of all, those aimed at Jewish people and which deny the Holocaust.

The homes of wealthy Americans generate about 25% more greenhouse gases than residences in lower-income neighborhoods, mainly due to their larger size. In the nation’s most affluent suburbs, those emissions can be as much as 15 times higher than in nearby lower-income neighborhoods: here.

Scipionyx baby dinosaur discovery

This 24 March 2020 video says about itself:

The Baby Dinosaur With Fossilised OrgansScipionyx

The discovery that this baby dinosaur fossil had preserved large parts of the internal organs for over 110 million years was one of the greatest revelations in recent palaeontology. So what can this amazing fossil tell us about extinct dinosaur biology?

British Conservative Dominic Cummings COVID-19 scandal

A protester outside the north London home of British Conservative Prime Minister Boris Johnson's senior aide Dominic Cummings, as lockdown questions continue to bombard the Government after it emerged that he travelled to his parents' home despite coronavirus-related restrictions

From daily The Morning Star in Britain today:

Protests outside home of Johnson‘s aide Dominic Cummings following allegations he broke lockdown rules

Campaign group Led by Donkeys demands to know why the PM‘s man is above the law

CAMPAIGNERS protested outside Dominic Cummings’s north London home today following allegations that the senior government aide broke lockdown rules more than once.

Political campaign group Led by Donkeys drove a van displaying a video of PM Boris Johnson’s speech to the country, warning the public to stay at home.

Another protester stood outside his home holding a sign that read: “Why are you above the law?”

German church service infects over 100 people

This video from the USA says about itself:

Contact Tracings Show Risk Of Coronavirus Spread Through Churches | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

Rachel Maddow looks at how contact tracings have taught us that church gatherings have been a particular point of vulnerability for the spread of coronavirus in the United States, a fact not changed by Donald Trump’s posturing.

Aired on 05/22/2020.

Translated from Dutch NOS radio about Germany today:

Not 40 but 107 people infected after church service in Frankfurt

After a church service in Frankfurt, 107 people became infected with the coronavirus. That was announced by the Minister of Health. Yesterday it was reported that it concerned forty people.

People come from Frankfurt and the surrounding area. The service was on May 10.

On May 1, public health restrictions on religious gatherings had been lifted.

British Conservative Cummings, poor people and COVID-19

This 24 May 2020 satiric music video from Britain about the adviser of British Conservative Prime Minister Boris Johnson is called Dominic Cummings – Driving Home for COVID.

It is a parody of the song Driving Home for Christmas by Chris Rea.

It says about itself:

Dominic Cummings is driving home for COVID-19.


I’m driving home for COVID
Oh, I can’t wait to just get loaded
Driving home for COVID, yeah
Dance to ABBA, drink some wine

Got this nagging cough
But I will be there
I’ll shake it off
Stop at the Welcome Break
Grab some Benylin
Driving home for COVID

260 miles, but I’ll get there

Top-to-toe in dead cats
Bamboozling you with 5D chess
Soon there’ll be a fuckup, yeah
To distract from the previous mess

Now I’m driving back
To London, but I
I will return
Return to Durham
Driving with my COVID

This 24 May 2020 video is from in front of Dominic Cummings´ house.

This 24 May 2020 video from England says about itself:

Jaywick‘s fight: Community support in one of UK’s poorest towns

While towns and cities across the United Kingdom struggle with the effect of the new coronavirus, one of the poorest places is coping with the pandemic.

Jaywick made international headlines when the United Nations highlighted it as an example of how the British government has failed to deal with poverty.

Al Jazeera’s Laurence Lee reports from Jaywick in the UK.

Trump imprisons for immigrating, kills by COVID-19

This 23 May 2020 video from the USA says about itself:

COVID-19 Crisis in ICE Detention Centers | NowThis

‘We’re like rats trapped in a cage. If one of us gets sick, we’re all going to get sick.’ — These migrant detainees are sharing what it’s like inside an ICE detention center in the middle of a global pandemic. In partnership with Emerson Collective.

In US news and current events today, tens of thousands of people are locked up in ICE detention facilities across the country — in conditions ideal for a massive, and deadly, outbreak of the coronavirus. In Mid-March, public health experts warned that Immigration and Customs Enforcement needed to take aggressive steps to thwart a disastrous outbreak of COVID-19 in its facilities. But months later… many say it has become clear that ICE did not heed those warnings.Now, infections are rising at an alarming rate.

Britain: ‘Immigration detention: A culture of death self harm and trauma’: here.