COVID-19 disaster, the Americas

This 22 May 2020 video from Canada says about itself:

Canadian Politician HAMMERS Jeff Bezos over Amazon Wage Cuts (With Matthew Green)

Last week Jeff Bezos and Amazon announced that they would be cutting the wages and overtime pay of workers in Canada. This was all while Jeff Bezos was announced to be on pace to become a trillionaire off the backs of his workers.

This led NDP MP Matthew Green to call Jeff Bezos out, suggesting that this is a class war and working people need to fight back.

In this interview, I speak with Matthew about taking on Amazon, and supporting a Wealth Tax to ensure that working people don’t bear the brunt of economic recovery

Coronavirus pandemic spreads across the US South. Hospitals overwhelmed in California and Alabama as national death toll approaches 100,000. By Bryan Dyne, 23 May 2020. The spike in cases in such divergent areas of the country is another indication that, contrary to official policy, the spread of the coronavirus pandemic is not slowing but increasing.

Wealth of US billionaires soars as pandemic expands, nearly 40 million unemployed. 23 May 2020. The class logic at play in the homicidal push to reopen the US economy before the spread of the coronavirus has been controlled is becoming increasingly clear: here.

Auto companies continue opposition to mass testing as COVID-19 spreads in factories. By Shannon Jones, 23 May 2020. As more confirmed cases of COVID-19 are discovered at auto plants, the drive to restart production is being exposed as a reckless course of action that will inevitably lead to the needless deaths of workers.

Hydroxychloroquine: New scientific study refutes the quack-in-chief. By Benjamin Mateus, 23 May 2020. President Trump claimed this week he had been taking hydroxychloroquine as a preventive measure. His statements demonstrate both ignorance and hostility to science.

WHO pauses hydroxychloroquine studies over safety concerns.

The US is prioritizing money above human life”. Detroit, Michigan teacher speaks on public education during the pandemic. By Nancy Hanover, 23 May 2020. Michigan is threatening mass layoffs of teachers and existential cuts to public schools while planning to reopen schools in the fall despite lack of COVID-19 safety measures.

South America a “new epicenter” of COVID-19 pandemic, WHO warns. By Bill Van Auken, 23 May 2020. The number of new deaths on the continent is surpassing Europe, and Brazil is rapidly overtaking Russia as the country with the second most infections after the US.

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  9. Colombian health workers protest lack of supplies, pay delays

    Health workers held a protest in Bogotá, Colombia on May 21 to protest the government’s failure to provide adequate personal protection equipment (PPE) to deal with the coronavirus pandemic. The action was supported by the Bogotá Citizen Watchdog and the Colombian Medical Federation.

    The protesters denounced the poor quality of the PPE that they have received, as well as outrageous overcharging, as much as 1,000 percent, often after delays in promised delivery. They blame the government of right-wing US ally Iván Duque for this neglect, which has played a role in the infections of nearly 1,000 health workers and the deaths of at least 12.

    In addition, they called for an end to delays in the payment of salaries, saying that many health workers have not been paid for months.

    According to, Health Minister Fernando Ruiz “did not respond to either the protests or the concerns of the civil and health organizations over the alleged persistent neglect in the response to the pandemic.”


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