Noam Chomsky on capitalism and COVID-19

This 23 May 2020 video from Britain says about itself:

Laura Pidcock, People’s Assembly National Secretary, interviews Noam Chomsky.

Laura Pidcock, People’s Assembly National Secretary in conversation with legendary writer and activist Noam Chomsky. Together they discuss the current pandemic as a crisis of capitalism and how the role of activists is more crucial than ever. You DO NOT want to miss this.

British Conservative Dominic Cummings, COVID-19 parody song

This 23 May 2020 satiric music video from Britain is about British Conservative Dominic Cummings and COVID-19.

It says about itself:

CUMMA MIA! – Dominic Cummings sings ABBA

Dominic Cummings sings the hits of ABBA.

This song is a parody of ABBA’s Mamma Mia.

Indian venomous snakes, how many bitten?

This 23 May 2020 video says about itself:

How many people are bitten by venomous snakes in India?

Venomous snakes, like spectacled cobras, Russell’s vipers or common kraits are very common and are responsible for many human bites in India. But how many of them happen each year? How many incidents happen with tigers or elephants? Who is causing bigger human-animal conflict?

Diplocaulus, prehistoric Permian ‘hammerhead salamanders’

This 22 May 2020 video about Diplocaulus says about itself:

The Hammerheaded Salamander

This boomerang head has been a part of every prehistoric background scene. Why is this, and what did it do with those horns?