United States COVID-19, Donald Trump’s disaster

This video from the USA says about itself:

Union Rights, Union Busting, Covid/PPE & Healthcare Workers With SEIU 1021 SF Local Leaders

SEIU 1021 SF DPH leaders and stewards discuss the retaliatory targeting of stewards and union activists by the San Francisco City and County Human Resources. Dellfinia Hardy who is on the 1021 Executive Board Healthcare Industry and President of Community Public Health Chapter along with W.D. Flient who is an SEIU 1021 Chief Steward at SF DPH ARF.

They discuss the targeting of union stewards, illegal frame-ups and systemic union-busting by the City & County of San Francisco bosses, managers and HR director Micki Callahan. They also discuss the failure of the SEIU top leadership to back up stewards and local union leaders who are being targeted by management for representing workers.

Finally, they report on the dangerous conditions on the job and the failure of the City and County to provide proper PPE protection for their jobs.

This interview by WorkWeek was completed on 5/14/20.

This video is the sequel.

Saving Wall Street, not lives. US pandemic cover-up responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands. 22 May 2020. On Wednesday, researchers from Columbia University posted a study showing that the massive US death toll, now approaching 100,000, is a direct consequence of decisions made by the Trump administration.

UK university team predicts doubling or tripling of US death toll over the next two months. By Benjamin Mateus, 22 May 2020. The Imperial College projection predicts that community transmission of the virus will accelerate in the US over the next two months, with the death toll rising to 2–3 times the current total.

NY Governor Cuomo shields nursing homes from prosecutions related to 5,600 COVID-19 deaths. By Erik Schreiber, 22 May 2020. The Democratic governor simultaneously praised his administration’s response to the pandemic and asserted that “nobody” should be held accountable for the tremendous number of needless deaths.

Georgetown, Kentucky Toyota plant remains open as autoworker tests positive for COVID-19. By George Gallanis, 22 May 2020. In the absence of testing, it is likely that many more infected workers are in the auto plants, unaware that they are carriers.

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