COVID-19 disaster in Bolsonaro’s Brazil

This 14 May 2020 video says about itself:

Brazil now epicenter of outbreak in Latin America

Brazil has set a grim new record. The country confirmed a daily increase of more than 11,000 new coronavirus cases on Wednesday, more than any other single day so far. The death toll in the country now exceeds 13,000 with more than 180,000 infections in total, making Brazil the epicenter of the outbreak in Latin America. #COVID-19 #coronavirus

Strikes and protests by Brazilian nurses amid explosion of COVID-19 cases. By Tomas Castanheira, 22 May 2020. Over the last 15 days, there have been dozens of protests and strikes by health care workers across Brazil, as more nurses are dying than anywhere else in the world.

By Letícia Silva, 20 May 2020:

Food delivery workers call for a national strike in Brazil

Since April, workers for food delivery apps controlled by large transnational companies have engaged in a series of strikes and job actions in a number of countries including Brazil, Spain, Ecuador and Argentina. Their demands are the same: better delivery rates, safer working conditions and for the multimillion-dollar companies to supply essential protective equipment that has been paid for by the workers themselves.

In Brazil, these mobilizations are deeply connected to the strikes by other workers, such as call center operators and health professionals, whose jobs have been decreed essential services during the coronavirus pandemic but have been denied safe working conditions.

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