Don’t drive workers to COVID-19 infected workplaces

British workers demonstrate against going back to work prematurely

By Helen O’Connor in England:

As the lockdown eases who will pay the price?

No worker should be expected to risk their life for a wage — the unions are calling for a whole range of measures to be enforced to protect the members before the return to work, writes HELEN O’CONNOR, southern regional organiser GMB

THERE is no method to eliminate Covid-19. There are no imminent plans to release a vaccine so the risk to public health is still present and significant.

It doesn’t take an expert to tell us that while the virus is still in circulation and workplaces start to fill up the transmission rate of the virus will again increase. The death rates of those in vulnerable groups, care home workers, NHS workers and other low-paid workers will rise once again.

Damning statistics from ONS show that lower-paid and BAME workers are most likely to die from the virus.

People's health before profit

5 thoughts on “Don’t drive workers to COVID-19 infected workplaces

  1. You can’t drive or force workers anywhere. They are not slaves. They are free people. If they don’t want to work at the their present job they can go where ever they want to. This is what makes capitalist society so different from the slave or foedal societies. In these societies workers were not free people. They were owned and had to go and work they were sent to.

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