Little grebes, frogs and flowers

Little grebe, 19 May 2020

After yesterday, we went again to the sand dunes nature reserve on 19 May 2020. We saw this little grebe.

As we started our walk, a nightingale sang.

A lesser black-backed gull flying.

Four stock doves.

Great spotted woodpecker sound.

A chiffchaff sings. A great cormorant flies.

A robin. A whitethroat on a bush.

Swifts flying.

We reach the hide.

Little grebe, on 19 May 2020

In the lake behind the hide, coots and two little grebes swim.

Little grebe, Egmond, 19 May 2020

Little grebe with food, 19 May 2020

One of the little grebes finds some food: a leech.

A great tit calls.

As we leave, a speckled wood butterfly.

We walk on. We arrive at the lakelet of the white water-crowfoot flowers.

White water-crowfoot and edible frog, 19 May 2020

The flowers are still there, and so is this edible frog.

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