COVID-19 disaster in Donald Trump’s USA

This video from the USA says about itself:

“He Thinks He Is Above The Law” Jail Elon Musk & Health & Safety Rally at Tesla plant

A rally was held in front of the TESLA Fremont plant on 4/16/20 to protest Elon Musk’s illegal opening of the plant and violation of the Stay in Shelter rule by Alameda County.

Workers are worried about the health and safety for themselves, their families and the public.

Back-to-work drive places countless thousands at risk. 18 May 2020. Major American factories are reopening today, each one the potential center for a major new outbreak of the coronavirus: here.

North American auto industry reopens amid mounting opposition by workers. By Marcus Day, 18 May 2020. Roughly 133,000 workers are expected to return to automotive assembly plants this week.

Amazon eliminates pay raises for workers as COVID-19 toll mounts. By Douglas Lyons, 18 May 2020. As the number of infections and deaths continues to rise at Amazon, the world’s richest man joins Trump’s murderous campaign to “reopen” the economy.

Maryland and Virginia begin “phase one” reopenings despite record increase in COVID-19 cases. By Nick Barrickman, 18 May 2020. The two jurisdictions began reopening their economies amid a consistent uptick in the amount of infections produced by the coronavirus.

6 thoughts on “COVID-19 disaster in Donald Trump’s USA

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  2. To re-open factories and offices and shops and bars and restaurants in the USA is way to early. These kind of things are only save in countries that have the worst over them. This is not yet the case in America. The lock-down should be continued. The price is high but this will always be the case no matter what you do. So the best is to do things right and kill the virus and not the workers.


    • Even capitalists who are not looking at short-time profits only but have a long-term view, should oppose lifting the lockdown. Because, if ‘back to work’ starts a second COVID-19 wave, worse than the first, then irreplaceable workers may die or be disabled for life. And many clients, being dead or disabled, may not buy anything, or less, anymore. Unfortunately, sacrificing everything to short-term profits is built into the capitalist system.


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