Nightingales, heron, frogs in coastal sand dunes

This 2017 video is about a nightingale singing in Bulgaria.

This morning, a walk from Egmond Binnen village through the coastal sand dunes nature reserve to the North Sea. We heard dozens of nightingale. There should be many nightingale nests in this area.

A chiffchaff sings.

A dunnock sings.

Two meadow pipits on the fence of a meadow.

White nettle flowers.

A cuckoo calls.

A blackcap sings.

A willow warbler.

A tree pipit does its mating flight.

Many wild pansy flowers.

A great cormorant flying.

Two northern lapwings flying.

In a small lake, many mating season edible frogs.

As we arrive on the beach, an oystercatcher.

We walk back. Two male chaffinches quarrel about territory borders.

In a deciduous woodland, a wood warbler sings.

This May 2016 video from Wales is called The Wood Warbler and its call.

Bluebells flowering.

A white wagtail walks on the road.

A grey heron lands near a lakelet.

2 thoughts on “Nightingales, heron, frogs in coastal sand dunes

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