COVID-19 kills dog, infects cats

This 29 April 2020 NBC TV video from the USA says about itself:

Pug In North Carolina Tests Positive For Coronavirus, May Be First Dog In U.S. | NBC Nightly News

The McLeans were part of an ongoing Duke University study testing households to learn about the virus. When three of them found out they were positive for COVID-19, they weren’t surprised when researchers told them their dog, Winston, had it too.

COVID-19 has killed a dog, an American bulldog, and has infected three cats.

All these animals lived at a fur business in the Netherlands, where caged minks had been infected earlier.

The Dutch government, reacting to this, has said that people who may be infected with coronavirus should not pet dogs or cats. It may infect the animals.

7 thoughts on “COVID-19 kills dog, infects cats

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