Coronavirus catastrophe in Trump’s USA

This 15 May 2020 video from the USA says about itself:

Whistleblower of Coronavirus Tried to Warn Trump Admin | NowThis

‘We’re in deep sh*t. The world is’ — This scientist tried to warn the federal gov’t about mask shortages back in January, and no one listened.

In US news and current events today, the ousted public health official — aka Dr. Rick Bright — who blew the whistle says he warned the federal government of N95 mask shortages in January 2020.

As global coronavirus death toll tops 300,000. US whistleblower warns premature return to work will bring “unprecedented illness and fatalities”. By Bryan Dyne, 15 May 2020. Dr. Rick Bright warned yesterday that the pandemic “has the potential to eclipse the devastation wrought by the 1918 influenza, which globally claimed over 50 million lives”.

The Trump administration vs. science. 15 May 2020. The president’s attack on his top coronavirus advisor, Anthony Fauci, is part of an appeal to the most backward and reactionary forces to support the deadly policy of “reopening” the US economy: here.

US Senator Richard Burr steps down as intelligence chairman amid investigation into pre-pandemic stock dump. By Jacob Crosse, 15 May 2020. As part of an ongoing Justice Department and Securities and Exchange Commission’s probe into insider trading, FBI agents have seized the North Carolina senator’s personal cell phone.

“We are not going back to unsafe conditions”. After FCA Sterling Heights Assembly workers contract COVID-19, anger mounts over premature return to work. By Shannon Jones, 15 May 2020. Anxiety over a premature return to work has been heightened after reports that several workers in the Detroit area have already been sent home with suspected COVID-19 infections.

Billionaire and medical science denialist Elon Musk drives his workers back to his crowded Tesla car factory, risking illness and death for them. Elon Musk has the full support of the United States neo-nazi site the Daily Stormer (no, I won’t link to them). Like Musk, the Daily Stormer claims that the deathly COVID-19 pandemic is just ‘a little flu’. The Daily Stormer calls Musk a ‘hero’ for that. Another example of how fascists are the bully boys for Big Business.

Today, Dutch NOS radio reports that there is a second wave COVID-19 outbreak on the United States aircraft carrier Theodore Roosevelt. At least five sailors are infected.

As COVID-19 crisis deepens on Native American reservations. Sioux tribe faces down South Dakota over sovereignty. By Evan Cohen, 15 May 2020. In a display of contempt for Native American tribal sovereignty and the health of impoverished reservation residents, South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem last Friday demanded the Sioux tribe lift checkpoints it had set up to stop the introduction of the coronavirus into tribal territory. The governor threatened the tribes with a federal lawsuit if they didn’t comply within 48 hours.

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