European COVID-19 news update

This 13 May 2020 video from England says about itself:

Shocking Footage of Packed London Bus Begs Question: Is UK Heading for Second Coronavirus Wave?

“We do face, not so much a second wave but a continuation of the first wave & maybe even an exacerbation of the first wave”.

Watch the full interview with Professor John Ashton CBE here.

33 London bus drivers killed by COVID-19: “We are expendable like diesel”. Workers fear infections will soar following Sunday night’s “phased exit” announced by the Johnson government: here.

UK COVID-19 related deaths top 60,000, according to the Financial Times. The true COVID-19 death toll in Britain is more than 60,000—almost double the figure claimed by the Johnson government—according to studies based on new data from the Office of National Statistics (ONS): here.

UK: Exercise Cygnus leak confirms Tory government’s criminal inaction over pandemic threat. The publication of a version of the report in the Guardian makes clear that the Johnson government tried to hide evidence of its criminal lack of preparation: here.

Today Dutch NOS radio reports that two refugees, arrived by a small boat from Turkey on Lesbos island in Greece, tested positive for COVID-19.

They also say (translated):

Workers of the Dutch Railways are scared for June 1, the day that the trains will return to normal service. Conductors and drivers are worried that it will get too crowded, which can lead to situations where the coronavirus can easily spread again. They told so this morning to Prime Minister Rutte and State Secretary Van Veldhoven, who spoke to them at The Hague Central Station.

Not the fact that there will be more trains on June 1 and later is really the problem. The problem is that there may be more non-essential workers on these trains, making them crowded. The Dutch government has re-opened and will re-open non-essential businesses. Eg, making cars (very few cars are sold now). And tattoo shops, where social distancing is impossible. Eg, car workers and tattoo shop workers who are compelled to work and to travel by train, risk spreading COVID-19 among railway workers and other railway passengers.

Spain’s Oldest Woman Survives Coronavirus, Says Humanity Needs ‘A New Order’: here.

German politicians and media laud right-wing demonstrations against coronavirus restrictions. The ruling elite is now mobilising the right-wing dregs of society in the “corona” demonstrations to intimidate the population and enforce their back-to-work campaign: here.

Failure to halt COVID-19 spread leads to mass deaths in Swedish elder care homes. Sweden’s high fatality rate is due to official opposition to a lockdown and mass testing, and to decades-long austerity policies that devastated health care and other key services: here.

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