COVID-19 disaster in Trump’s USA, continued

This 13 May 2020 video from the USA says about itself:

Dr. Fauci Tells Senator Sanders True Coronavirus Death Toll | NowThis

Watch Dr. Fauci respond to this question from Bernie Sanders on the real death toll of the coronavirus and how likely new outbreaks are in the fall.

In US news and current events today, Dr. Fauci told Senator Bernie Sanders that the number of COVID-19 U.S. deaths is higher than 80,000. Watch their discussion about coronavirus in the U.S. here.

FAUCI COLD WATER: ‘SERIOUS RISK’ FROM RUSHED REOPEN Dr. Anthony Fauci, the nation’s leading expert on infectious diseases, told the Senate Health Committee that the true coronavirus death toll is “certainly” higher than what has been reported and cautioned Americans that going back to normal life too soon could lead to major spikes in cases. “If you think we have it completely under control, we don’t,” he said, contradicting President Donald Trump’s assertion that the virus is “well contained.” [HuffPost]

ADMINISTRATION TELLS STATES TO YANK BENEFITS FROM THOSE WHO WON’T RETURN TO WORK Congress created special unemployment benefits so that laid-off workers could stay home while the coronavirus pandemic rages outside, but the Trump administration wants states to make sure that nobody’s getting benefits if they could be at work. The U.S. Department of Labor has told states, which implement unemployment insurance programs according to federal rules, that they should ask employers to notify the state if someone turns down an offer to come back to work. [HuffPost]

Activists Leave Body Bags In State Capitals To Protest Reopenings. The demonstrations occurred in states where Republican governors have started reopening businesses during the coronavirus pandemic: here.

CDC REOPEN ADVICE VASTLY DIFFERS FROM WHITE HOUSE PLAN Advice from the nation’s top disease control experts on how to safely reopen businesses and institutions amid the coronavirus pandemic included detailed instructive guidance and some more restrictive measures than the plan released by the White House last month. The guidance, which was shelved by Trump administration officials, also offered recommendations to help communities decide when to shut facilities down again during future flareups of COVID-19. [AP]

CALIFORNIA CHURCH PLEDGES TO REOPEN DESPITE ORDERS Several California pastors have pledged to reopen their churches on May 31 “or sooner”, regardless of whether their plan lines up with a schedule put forth by Governor Gavin Newsom. The pastors released a letter arguing that churches are “essential” during the pandemic and that people of faith have a right to worship in person. Dan Carroll, the senior pastor of Fontana’s 20,000-member Water of Life Community Church, said he thinks Californians of faith feel like they’ve been “kicked to the curb” and “marginalized.” [HuffPost]

From ‘Water of Life’ to Water of Death by COVID-19 …

5 Stocks That Are Thriving In The Coronavirus Economy. Certain industries aren’t just growing despite the coronavirus pandemic, they’re growing because of it: here.

5 thoughts on “COVID-19 disaster in Trump’s USA, continued

  1. Tell the Food and Drug Administration:

    “During a worldwide pandemic, why is the Food and Drug Administration ramping up seizures of safe medicine from Canada? Put people first and stop acting as Big Pharma’s enforcer!”


    In a worldwide pandemic, you might think the Food and Drug Administration would prioritize getting people the medicine they need. Instead, they’re ramping up seizures of medicine from Canada![1]

    The FDA shouldn’t be acting as an enforcer for Big Pharma’s patents―they should be helping Americans get the medicine they need!

    Headline: Amid pandemic, FDA seizes cheaper mail-order drugs from Canada, leaves patients stuck

    ADD YOUR NAME: It’s time to put people before the profits of Big Pharma!

    Canadian drugs are exactly the same as American drugs. They’re manufactured in the same facilities, from the same formulas, and imported around the world. The only difference is that Canada’s government has regulations that stop Pharma price gouging!

    It’s self-evident that Big Pharma has far too much influence, when the government prioritizes protecting their profits over helping patients who can’t afford their medications, even during a pandemic.

    It’s outrageous enough that millions of Americans consistently struggle to afford their prescriptions. It’s even worse when a raging pandemic and an economic battering add up to tens of millions of Americans losing their jobs, and then their health insurance. Many more Americans are about to struggle to afford their prescription drugs, and this is the FDA’s priority? It’s unconscionable. The FDA should not be the personal valet of the pharmaceutical industry, waiting to serve its every desire.

    ADD YOUR NAME: We need the FDA to work on behalf of the people, not Big Pharma corporations!

    The U.S. government should not be prioritizing the profits of Big Pharma over the needs of Americans who are struggling to afford their prescriptions. Congress must act now to lower drug prices so Americans are no longer held captive by Big Pharma’s price gouging. In the meantime, the FDA should focus its attention elsewhere. We demand a government that works for everyone, not just for the titans of Big Pharma.

    Tell Congress: Let’s help, not punish, people struggling to pay for their prescriptions!


    Alex Lawson
    Drug Prices Are Too High



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