Coronavirus disaster in Trump’s USA, update

This 8 May 2020 video from the USA says about itself:

Reopening Country Has DEVASTATING Fallout

Reopening the country has had a devastating fallout for workers. John Iadarola and Ryan Grim break it down on The Damage Report.

Senator Richard Burr was not the only member of his family to sell off a significant portion of his stock holdings in February, ahead of the market crash spurred by coronavirus fears. On the same day Burr sold, his brother-in-law also dumped tens of thousands of dollars worth of shares. The market fell by more than 30% in the subsequent month.

Burr’s brother-in-law, Gerald Fauth, who has a post on the National Mediation Board, sold between $97,000 and $280,000 worth of shares in six companies — including several that have been hit particularly hard in the market swoon and economic downturn.

A person who picked up Fauth’s phone on Wednesday hung up when asked if Fauth and Burr had discussed the sales in advance.”

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New outbreaks of COVID-19 reported at workplaces across the US. By Zachary Thorton, 8 May 2020. As states continue to push to reopen their economies and force workers back on the job, new hot-spots are emerging in factories and stores from Iowa to Massachusetts.

Deemed essential, US farmworkers face wage reductions, zero protections from COVID-19. By Norissa Santa Cruz, 8 May 2020. Farmworkers lack access to basic medical care and suffer from significantly higher rates of diabetes, hypertension and health conditions such as heart disease and environmental cancers due to long exposure to pesticides.

Trump administration suppresses Centers for Disease Control coronavirus guidance document. By Bryan Dyne, 8 May 2020. The CDC report would have laid out step-by-step instructions for a variety of “critical” businesses and institutions to safely reopen.

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