COVID-19 kills in Donald Trump’s USA

This 7 May 2020 video from the USA says about itself:

Trump rebukes nurse in Oval Office who mentions shortage of PPE

BREAKING: Trump just rebuked a nurse in the Oval Office who mentioned a shortage of PPE in hospitals.

To demand our hospitals get the PPE that they NEED, sign here.

Whistleblower complaint details Trump administration’s corruption and obstruction of anti-pandemic efforts. By Barry Grey, 7 May 2020. Dr. Rick Bright, who headed the office overseeing the development of a coronavirus vaccine, was removed from his post after he leaked information concerning his opposition to Trump’s promotion of hydroxychloroquine.

Coronavirus pandemic ravages rural areas in US and internationally. By Bryan Dyne, 7 May 2020. There is growing evidence that at least one mutation of the virus, more infectious and possibly more deadly than the current strain, has begun to spread.

The anti-China war rhetoric is being intensified because the Trump administration knows that its return-to-work policy is going to result in tens of thousands more deaths in the US: here.

“The company is not disclosing any information about sickness and deaths”. UPS workers in New York and New Jersey speak out on the COVID-19 pandemic. By our reporters, 7 May 2020. UPS drivers and sorters are working without proper PPE and health benefits, while management is concealing information about the spread of the virus, which has killed at least two workers.

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