Recovered black kite freed in Malta

This 2 May 2020 video says about itself:

This Black Kite was recovered on the 24th March 2020 from Żebbuġ in Gozo. It was found by the Gozo Police following a report made by a member of the public. The bird was handed over to BirdLife Malta and eventually taken to the government veterinarian to be examined. Fortunately, it was just exhausted from its migration journey and had no other injuries.

Following a couple of weeks with BirdLife Malta during which it regained its strength, the protected bird of prey was ready to be released. Black Kites are highly-prized illegal hunting targets so we took it to Comino, a protected bird sanctuary, to release it there so that it could hopefully continue with its migration safely. The raptor was ringed prior to being released.

Black Kites (Astun Iswed in Maltese) are regular migrants, both in spring and autumn, although more common during the autumn. In spring they are seen in March and April.

Footage by BirdLife Malta. Editing by Nathaniel Attard.

4 thoughts on “Recovered black kite freed in Malta

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