Immigrant workers get COVID-19

This 9 April 2020 video says about itself:

Australia’s migrant workers left without support in the face of COVID-19

Migrant workers, like Aaren, pay taxes to support a system they have no access to. With the government now telling ‘visitors’ it’s time to go home, many of them are left without options or support.

Translated from Dutch NOS radio today:

The coronavirus has been diagnosed in 28 Eastern Europeans in Velp in Gelderland province. They are labour migrants who had come to the Netherlands to work and who live together in a complex. They are now isolated on a ship in Arnhem and have to stay there until they are healthy.

The other 21 residents of the complex have to be quarantined for a fortnight. Mayor Van Eert of Rheden wishes the residents recovery and strength. “It is a difficult time for residents to be sick in a country where you don’t speak the language”, she told Omroep Gelderland regional broadcasting organisation.

9 thoughts on “Immigrant workers get COVID-19

  1. Morgen belanden Leidse ongedocumenteerden mogelijk op straat, ondanks coronarichtlijn van ministerie van VWS

    De Fabel van de illegaal, het Doorbraak-spreekuur voor ongedocumenteerden in Leiden, stuurde gisteren het onderstaande persbericht naar lokale en landelijke media (zie Nieuws elders in deze nieuwsbrief voor up dates). Lees meer:


  2. Wela’lin/ thank you for a fantastic post – the more info and awareness, the better. This is a global issue (how we treat our relations) – every country needs to accept that and heal from it. Can’t think of a better time for people to realize it.


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