COVID-19 disaster in Donald Trump’s USA

This 1 May 2020 satiric animated cartoon video by Mark Fiore from the USA says about itself:

Dr. Donald J. Trump, M.D.

President Trump just can’t help himself. If a thought enters his head, it must be the most tremendous and correct thought imaginable and he must immediately share it with the world. No need for research or relying on experts, watching Fox News is enough.

Amid back-to-work drive and state reopenings. US government prepares for hundreds of thousands of COVID-19 deaths. 2 May 2020. Press inquiries have found that the federal government is ordering enough body bags for at least five times the current US death toll.

Massive opposition by US meatpacking employees to forced return to work. By Anthony Bertolt and Christopher Davion, 2 May 2020. With nearly 900 meatpacking workers at the Tyson Foods plant in Logansport, Indiana testing positive for COVID-19, workers in meatpacking and processing across the United States are expressing their opposition to Trump’s executive order forcing the reopening of meat processing plants.

“They are willing to kill us for their profits”. US autoworkers oppose early return to factories. By Shannon Jones, 2 May 2020. Detroit auto companies are pushing for a May 18 restart but workers are resisting this attempt to force them into the factories during the uncontained COVID-19 pandemic.

Trump escalates attacks on China over COVID-19. By Peter Symonds, 2 May 2020. US President Trump has stepped up his propaganda war and threats against China, blaming it for the deadly COVID-19 pandemic that has cost the lives of more than 230,000 people internationally.

Trump tweets support for armed right-wing protesters in Michigan. By Kevin Reed, 2 May 2020. The right-wing demonstration in the Michigan state Capitol is part of a high-level campaign to force a return to work in the midst of the deadly COVID-19 pandemic … In addition to carrying automatic long arms, some protesters wore pro-Trump paraphernalia and others reportedly displayed swastikas, waved Confederate flags and brandished nooses.

As southwestern states begin to reopen. Navajo Nation COVID-19 cases rise while emergency federal aid remains delayed. By Evan Cohen, 2 May 2020. Endemic impoverishment and a lack of critical infrastructure imposed on Native Americans by Washington have contributed to some of the worst coronavirus infection rates in the country.

Trump blocks federal funeral aid to families of COVID-19 victims. By Jacob Crosse, 2 May 2020. While $45 billion has been allocated to the Federal Emergency Management Agency through the CARES Act, a memo from Trump bans the agency giving burial funds to thousands of victims.

10 thoughts on “COVID-19 disaster in Donald Trump’s USA

  1. Tell Congress:

    “Greedy pharmaceutical corporations already gouge patients with prices that are beyond belief. Big Pharma will absolutely try to soak patients with outrageous prices for any coronavirus treatments or cures that are released. In the middle of a public health crisis is no time to take chances on who can be treated. I urge you to pass the Medicare for All Act.”


    The ongoing pandemic has the potential to make Big Pharma’s profiteering much, much deadlier.

    In the midst of a global pandemic, the vulnerabilities of America’s for-profit health care system are laid bare. Sky-high prescription drug prices are already an obstacle for millions of Americans, but if a new treatment for the coronavirus is beyond the means of any Americans, it will dangerously lengthen the course of the pandemic. It’s time to stop that threat before it happens, and enact Medicare for All!

    We need to build a health care system in this country that protects everyone. That means passing Medicare for All, so that health care is a human right. Sign the petition today demanding Congress pass the Medicare for All Act!

    Hopefully, there will be new treatments and cures available for the novel coronavirus at some point in the future. What will happen if Americans cannot afford that treatment?

    If you’re one of the 27.5 million uninsured Americans, you will be struggling to afford this treatment and everyone else will be worse off if the coronavirus continues to spread.

    It’s time to stop thinking that unlimited money to “keep Americans safe” can only be spent on planes and bombs. Already, over 60,000 American lives have been lost to the pandemic.[1]

    Donald Trump’s Health & Human Services Secretary, a former Big Pharma executive, told Congress that he’s more interested in ensuring that a COVID-19 vaccine will protect corporate profits, not the American people―even though the work to develop the vaccine is being funded with taxpayer dollars.[2]

    The reckless insistence that health care is a luxury only for those who can afford it is contributing to the spread of this pandemic, endangering even those who can afford health care.

    Medicare for All is the solution. It’s time to make health care a human right. Sign the petition today!


    Alex Lawson
    Drug Prices Are Too High


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  3. By Elise Foley

    The article was a gift for skeptics of the recent coronavirus stimulus: A spa business owner who claimed she received a “firestorm of hatred” from employees when she got a loan that would let them get back to work. The CNBC piece didn’t quote any of the workers, so HuffPost’s Dave Jamieson and Arthur Delaney spoke to some of them. They heard something very different: Yes, some workers making more on unemployment, but they didn’t “hate” the idea of going back to work. They just wanted to be safe when they did it.

    Dave and Arthur’s piece looks at not just these spas, but also a broader debate over whether to pay people to “do nothing” when doing nothing could, quite literally, save lives.

    This article functions as something of a rebuttal to the CNBC article suggesting that workers at two Washington state spas were unhappy about the potential of going back to work because they might make more on unemployment. How did your story come about?

    Jamieson: The CNBC article really bounced around on Twitter. People didn’t like it! It was one of those unemployment stories that makes regular working people out to be lazy but doesn’t feature the voices of any actual workers. A tweep of mine reached out and said she heard from someone who worked at the spa and felt the story really missed the mark. Would I like to be put in touch? Yes, I would.

    This article talked to multiple workers and quoted from internal communications from the owner. What was the reporting like?

    Jamieson: I’ve found during the pandemic that people are really angry about what they’re dealing with at work and they’re quite willing to put you in touch with colleagues and provide internal emails, group texts, etc. One interview quickly turned into a handful, all confirming one another’s accounts. The owner did not answer questions, but we got enough of her own words in group texts that we were comfortable running the story without her response.

    This fits into a broader political argument about the social safety net, which means that even during a pandemic, people accepting help will be painted by some as freeloaders. Arthur has written about why this situation — where people shouldn’t be going to work, rather than are unable to — is different. Can you explain more about that?

    Delaney: Unemployment insurance is complicated, as it’s designed to help people survive, continue most of their consumer spending, and it has the macroeconomic effect of supporting wages and prices. But right now it’s really simple: There’s a plague outside! The only cure is staying home! It is weird that Republicans are talking about unemployment like there’s no pandemic.


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