Bosses buy spyware against at-home workers

This 30 December 2014 TV video from the USA says about itself:

High-tech stalking: How abusers target victims with spyware and apps

Stalkers have a new tool for tracking their victims. They’re using mobile apps and digital surveillance software. CBS News legal analyst Rikki Klieman joins “CBS This Morning” to discuss how the spyware is being used to break the law.

Translated from Dutch NOS radio today:

‘Bosses check workers via espionage software

Many people worldwide are working at home due to the corona crisis, which is why employers are increasingly installing spyware on employees’ computers, De Volkskrant daily writes. The newspaper speaks of a ‘bonanza’ in the surveillance industry.

Eg, the spyware measures the keystrokes and takes screenshots of the computers every few minutes. There are also corporations that take photos via the webcam of their employees. …

Bosses buy such Peeping Tom software and put it on employees’ laptops. In this way, it can be checked, eg, whether someone logs in on time, whether a worker does not spend time on Facebook,

especially Facebook pages which are leftist or critical of capitalism and which Facebook corporation has not censored yet

and whether someone is not taking a [toilet] break for too long.

Translated from the Volkskrant report, 29 April 2020:

Axos bank CEO Gregory Garrabrants, one of America’s highest-paid bankers with an annual salary of $34.5 million, warned the sluggards among his at-home workers. Axos takes a snapshot of their computer screens every ten minutes, the CEO said. Their keystrokes, their surf traffic, their siestas, nothing goes unnoticed. Those who do not complete their daily tasks on time, “will get disciplinary measures, including dismissal“.

Nestlé corporation spies similarly on its workers.

Bosses Panic-Buy Spy Software to Keep Tabs on Remote Workers. Phones are ringing off the hook at companies providing a bit of Big Brother: here.

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