Coronavirus update, USA

This 29 April 2020 video from the USA says about itself:

Trump Attacks Post Office While Carriers & Clerks Die from COVID-19

President Trump has lashed out at the U.S. Postal Service as the pandemic brings it to the brink of collapse and more people than ever are relying on the mail. Trump claims the agency is only losing money because it is undercharging Amazon and other companies for shipping. “It just isn’t true”, says American Postal Workers Union President Mark Dimondstein.

Trump orders meatpacking workers back on the job as opposition mounts to back-to-work campaign, 29 April 2020. US President Donald Trump’s executive order invoking the Defense Production Act to force employees at meatpacking plants back to work marks a new stage in his administration’s confrontation with the working class: here.

With over 1 million coronavirus cases and 60,000 fatalities in the US, markets eager to get back to business. By Benjamin Mateus, 29 April 2020. The markets are clamoring for a rapid reopening of businesses, regardless of concerns about the impact of a second wave of the coronavirus.

COVID-19 cases increase across Illinois as many counties push to reopen. By Brian Brown, 29 April 2020. The pandemic poses enormous problems for rural areas where public health programs and hospitals have been greatly defunded over the last decade, leaving vulnerable residents in greater danger.

“This pandemic is showing that something is wrong in our society”. 10,000 nursing home workers vote to strike in Illinois in the face of life-threatening working conditions. By Jessica Goldstein, 29 April 2020. The coronavirus pandemic continues to ravage nursing home residents and staff, accounting for 35 percent of COVID-19 cases in Illinois.

Millions of US workers blocked from applying for jobless benefits. By Kevin Reed, 29 April 2020. An Economic Policy Institute survey shows that the real number of unemployed workers in the US is far higher than the official 26.5 million who have filed unemployment claims.

As millions face destitution gravy train continues for US auto execs. By Shannon Jones, 29 April 2020. General Motors CEO Mary Barra was among the top 20 highest-paid executives in 2019 with Ford and Fiat Chrysler execs not far behind.

Round two of the “Paycheck Protection Program”: Another disaster for US small businesses and their employees. By Barry Grey, 29 April 2020. The abortive start of the second round of the “small business” program demonstrated that the vast majority of small businesses and their employees will receive little or nothing in relief from the economic collapse.

About the Donald Trump-right-wing billionaire Koch brothers-right-wing billionaire Rupert Murdoch-right-wing billionaire DeVos dynasty‘s ‘Flu Klux Klan‘:

The Extremists And Grifters Behind Many Of The Anti-Lockdown Protests. Many of the right-wing protests against state stay-at-home orders sweeping the nation have been organized or attended by white nationalists, conspiracy theorists, anti-government militias, members of a neo-fascist street gang, and other assorted extremists and scam artists, a HuffPost analysis shows: here.

This 28 April 2020 video fryom the USA says about itself:

Anti-lockdown leader, Audrey Whitlock is under quarantine after contracting COVID-19. John Iadarola and Jordan Uhl break it down on The Damage Report.

“One of the leaders of ReOpenNC, the movement against Gov. Roy Cooper’s stay-at-home order, posted on Facebook that she tested positive for coronavirus.

Audrey Whitlock missed the group’s first two rallies in Raleigh while she was in quarantine, a fellow organizer, Ashley Smith, told WRAL News.

Smith said that Whitlock tested positive three weeks ago.”

‘Reopen’ Protests Started Small. Right-Wing Media Gave Them A Massive Platform. What has changed in just a brief period of time is that a network of right-wing media outlets, powerful conservative activists and President Donald Trump have all championed the demonstrations and helped their organizers grow the movement ― giving relatively small and widely unpopular protests an outsized platform and influence: here.

Amid The Pandemic, U.S. Militia Groups Plot ‘The Boogaloo,’ AKA Civil War, On Facebook. Thousands of armed right-wing militants are plotting a violent uprising against the U.S. government during the coronavirus crisis, a new report finds, and Facebook is providing them a platform to prepare and organize: here.

Far right hijack coronavirus crisis to push agenda and boost support: here.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

People’s World doubles web traffic during Covid-19

US publication People’s World is bucking a global trend with a doubling of its circulation since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, its editorial team announced on Monday.

The socialist website, which was founded in 1924 as the Daily Worker newspaper, reached two million unique readers last year and is on course to beat that in 2020, they said in a statement.

People’s World is covering protests by nurses, the experiences of Uber drivers, Amazon workers and other issues facing the labour and progressive movement while challenging US President Donald Trump’s “anti-China racism and scapegoating”.

More than three million individual readers have accessed the World Socialist Web Site since the beginning of 2020. By David North and Andre Damon, 27 April 2020. The international readership of the World Socialist Web Site has grown considerably since the beginning of 2020.

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    Here’s the situation: The oil market is falling apart just as Congress moves on negotiations over the next COVID-19 relief bill.

    Insiders are now reporting a group of five Republican senators are organizing a push to bail out the oil and gas industry. No one expected it to turn out this way, but what happens next could dictate the future of clean energy in this country.

    Lola — it’s outrageous in the midst of a public health crisis to support an industry making the disease’s impact worse, but because supporters like you have helped kick up a fight, we’ve blocked an oil bailout in every vote until now. But with an organized push in the Senate, they could have a real shot this time. We need your help.

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    The administration has backed off plans to buy mass quantities of oil for the Strategic Petroleum Reserve. They floated a wholesale elimination of royalty payments for energy produced on federal lands (a total giveaway to polluters) and had to settle for the existing process of case-by-case hardship applications. There was even a discussion of essentially nationalizing the oil industry to buy them out of this mess.

    The oil industry already receives billions in taxpayer subsidies every year. They were already in the red before the pandemic hit because of their own poor business decisions. All of our relief efforts right now should be focused on protecting public health and providing relief for families and small businesses who need it most — NOT helping industries whose pollution makes death from COVID-19 more likely, and who perpetuate systemic environmental injustice.

    Now, thanks in part to serious pressure from the environmental movement — all of Trump’s oil bailout ideas have fallen apart.

    But they still have one avenue left: the COVID-19 relief bills. Right now, Congress is hashing out what makes it into the next package.

    We have a short window, and a real chance to win. We have to make sure an oil bailout stays out of the relief bill, and we need to fight like hell to get help to people who really need it. Intense environmental campaigning already blocked their first attempts to directly bail out the oil industry. We CAN do it again.

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