Military-industrial complex and nuclear weapons, video

This 28 April 2020 video says about itself:

In a response to the new SIPRI Data on Military Expenditure for 2019, the International Peace Bureau held a number of online press conferences. Here is one which was held by IPB’s two co-presidents, Lisa Clark and Philip Jennings, as well as Distinguished Associate Fellow at SIPRI and former MEP, Tarja Cronberg.

More info: here.

This 28 April 2020 video says about itself:

As part of our GDAMS Campaign (see we hosted a webinar on Nuclear Weapons in Europe:

The tensions between nuclear weapons possessors states have worsened dramatically these last months, and Europe is at the centre of the storm. The suspension of the Intermediate Nuclear Forces Treaty with Russia has directly exposed Europe to a new nuclear arms race and there is no indication that a successor to the US-Russian New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (New START) will be negotiated before the February 2021 deadline. What is the situation from different perspectives in Europe? How can civil society bring its contribution? This Webinar replacing a Side Event due the 2020 NPT session will host experts and activists to discuss with the participants how to challenge the nuclear weapons in Europe.

– Reiner Braun IPB Executive Director
– Hans Kristensen, Director Nuclear Project -Federation of American Scientists
– Oleg Bodrov, Director Coalition for a Clean Baltic/Russia
– Kate Hudson, Executive Director CND
– Bastien Lachaud, French MP
– Kathrine Vogler, German MP
– Daniel Högsta, ICAN Campaign Coordinator
– Owen Tudor, ITUC Deputy General Secretary
– Susi Snyder, Pax Project Leader -Don’t Bank On the Bomb campaign
– Philip Jennings, IPB Co-President- Building coalition with the social movements

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