Cheetah, vultures and lion in South Africa

This 28 April 2020 video from South Africa says about itself:

Cheetah kill at Sabi Sabi… with a twist…

An absolutely incredible weekend here at Sabi Sabi with alarm calls coming from the open area in front of Bush Lodge. We scanned the area and noticed a cheetah in the open area so we dashed off to find that he had managed to take down an impala.

Looking a bit nervous, as cheetahs do before eating, he eventually got going and dug into his kill. Soon after, the vultures started gathering in enormous numbers. Trying to fight off the vultures, the cheetah eventually got spooked and bolted away. The vultures dived in with no hesitation and not even a minute later, a young male lion came rushing in, chasing off the vultures and claiming the rest of the kill for himself. He dragged it off into some thick area where he finished it off.

We managed to catch up with the cheetah who moved a little way away and decided to rest after all the commotion.

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