COVID-19 update, USA

This 27 April 2020 video from the USA is called If Coronavirus Goes Away, Trump Will Bring It Right Back.

THESE HEALTH CARE WORKERS SPOKE OUT. THEY GOT FIRED. Doctors and nurses say drawing attention to urgent needs and hospital conditions is the only way to force change and save lives. But it could cost them their jobs. Jhonna Porter felt a duty to alert her co-workers to a potentially dangerous change on the fifth floor of Los Angeles’ West Hills Hospital. Within hours of posting on Facebook, the hospital administration called Porter in for a meeting. Porter was suspended without pay while West Hills investigated. [HuffPost]

FDA HAS ‘ALL BUT GIVEN UP’ OVERSIGHT ON ANTIBODY TESTS The Food and Drug Administration has “all but given up” its oversight responsibility on coronavirus antibody tests, one the country’s top infectious disease experts said. “We have the wild, wild West for testing right now,” the director of the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy at the University of Minnesota, told NBC. “The FDA has all but given up its oversight responsibility for the tests we have on the market,” he added. “Many of them are nothing short of a disaster.” [HuffPost]

He sewed masks in his prison cell. 30 miles away, his mother was dying of COVID-19.

LGBTQ people suffer more economic hardship due to coronavirus, survey finds.

The whiteness of anti-lockdown protests.

3 thoughts on “COVID-19 update, USA

  1. Trump has always said a lot of terminally stupid stuff. We actually had the idea for the subject line of this message a while back.

    But when Trump asked the medical experts around him at a live press conference to explore injecting coronavirus victims with disinfectant, or sticking UV lamps (you know, as in sunburn) down their throats, he really topped himself. Or perhaps we should say, he bottomed himself.

    The next day Trump dishonestly claimed he was just being sarcastic. Too late. The whole world had already made him the subject of its sarcastic derision. The international consensus among other heads of state was already long established that Trump was a complete moron. This is just the most public and embarrassing proof of that yet.

    And no, we’re not buying his standup comedian in chief routine either. Maybe Trump should get his own regular TV show again, if they will have him, if he wants to work on his comedy act.

    We suppose there has been a little progress from Fauci, Brix, et. al., in that when asked directly point blank if they will go along with Trump’s lies, for example whether their statements of truth in other media were misquotes, they have had enough integrity lately to stand their ground, a least to admit they said what they said. But Brix in particular continues to grade Trump on a can’t fail curve, like this is the Special Olympics of oval office occupants.

    As for Fauci, remember he was the guy who stood up there a couple weeks ago and cheerily (as if such a thing were possible) predicted that based on the so-called flattening of the curve he was seeing that we would top off at 60,000 US deaths by the end of August.

    At the very same time we were calling BS on that. And guess what, we’re now going to hit that number before the end of April. And there is really no end in sight.

    We told you that our national response had been botched so badly by Trump that leveling off just meant that the virus would continue to burn through our most unprotected and vulnerable populations, until something on the order of a majority of our people had been infected. Unless there is some other major intervention, this suggests an ultimate body count of upwards of a million in the U.S alone.

    In areas where there have been reductions in numbers of new cases, it has only been because of strict stay at home lock downs and diligent social distancing. The instant those restrictions come off, and without massive and wide scale testing, infection tracing and quarantines nationwide, the most critical areas where Trump has failed to lead, those numbers are going to start shooting right back up.

    We’ll say it again. As long as there is any of this virus out there anywhere, it will flare up again the instant we let down our guard. Leveling is not the end of it, it only buys us an extension.

    So what are the states doing who begrudgingly and belatedly imposed any stay at home orders at all? Yeah, they’re about to throw their populations right back to the virus wolves with reckless reopenings. Because, hey, people can’t survive without getting their hair done. They needn’t bother. Most undertakers have a hair stylist on staff, you know.

    And don’t forget the massage parlors vital to our national economy. How exactly is social distancing supposed to work there?

    What this demonstrates is that as stupid as Trump is, there are tons of people in America even more stupid than he is, the people who put him where he is. People who are seriously inclined to believe him when he suggests that they drink bleach. Dr. Trump has their prescription for this pandemic . . . stupid pills.

    A while back there were people on Fox News actually arguing that elderly people would just have to sacrifice themselves to keep the economy humming. And dozens of governors seem bent on implementing exactly that right now.

    They must be swallowing stupid pills by the handful.

    The People’s Email Network, PO Box 35022, L.A., CA 90035


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